10 programs in Canada ideal for International Students

by Basma Ihmaidan
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When you get to Canada, it is important for you to improve your knowledge in different fields in order to have better job opportunities; to do so, we will talk about the study programs in Canada ideal for all of us who have gotten to this country.

It may sound very easy to find a good academic program; however, it is not always like that. We must consider different aspects such as:

  • Application requirements
  • Admission Process
  • Language Proficiency

On these points is where we may have some difficulties and may get a rejection in our application. Because of this reason, we strongly suggest going to an agency like Information Planet where you will get free advice and support so that you can choose among Canadian programs that are ideal for international students.

We would like to present you 10 programs that we believe are ideal for you,classified into two categories:

  1. Business and Customer Service related programs
  2. Engineering and IT-related programs

1. Business and Customer Service related programs

These programs are characterized for not having very demanding admission requirements, however, this doesn’t mean that these programs don’t have good quality, it is the opposite, they are very suitable for foreigners since they can be started very easily, and you will start learning about the business world in Canada. Also, all these programs are carried out in private institutions. Let’s start!

Business Management

A program in Arbutus College in Vancouver for all of us who feel interested in the business world. All their professors are experienced people in different economic fields.

It stands out for its focus on the development of communication skills. This will allow us to communicate ideas precisely and be assertive in meetings, presentations, interviews, etc.

Hospitality Management CO-OP (Certificate)

With a length of 6 months, this program allows you to get a certification accepted in 54 countries. Also, includes a Co-OP term in which we will learn about:

  1. Hospitality and service industry business management
  2. Food industry and hotel management

SELC Career College is the institution where you could find this program and its headquarters are in Vancouver.

Diploma in International Business Management

To understand how businesses work worldwide, it will allow us to evaluate the status and performance of companies.

Also, we will understand the impact of globalization on the Canadian economy and at the same time, identify new business opportunities.

This program is taught at Greystone College which has two main campuses: Vancouver and Toronto. This program includes CO-OP.

Service Excellence for Business

ILAC International College has two main campuses: Vancouver and Toronto. This program teaches the foundations to interact with clients and develop effective communication skills.

If we opt for a program of 40 to 48 weeks, we would have a CO-OP term which will let us practice the acquired knowledge.

2. IT and Engineering programs

These courses belong to the IT and Engineering Programscategories.

Unlike the previous ones, the admission requirements are tougher, however, in Information Planet you will get the best educational advice with no charge so you can know if it is possible to study in either of them.

¿Why study in a program related to IT? In Canada, the demand for professionals in this field increases every year. Not only because of the technological improvements of the country but for their future projects that will make of this country one of the most innovative worldwide.

A clear example of it is their plan of becoming the core point on the development of Artificial Intelligence.

Moreover, the salaries earned by experts in this field are very high. According to PayScale, these professionals may be able to earn CAD $60,000 annually.

¡Let’s start with the programs!

Web & Mobile App Development Co-Op Diploma

This is a program with a length of 24 months, of which 12 of those correspond to a CO-OP term.

It is taught at Cornerstone College located in Vancouver. It is a Private institution which offers this program for all the enthusiasts of web development and mobile apps.

The main objective of this program is that as soon as it ends, we can offer our technology products to different companies.

Information Systems Business Analysis Program

Organizations need many professional in this field because they are in charge of providing solutions to any business. It is taught at George Brown College located in Toronto and it lasts for 3 semesters.

It will let us deeply analyze which are the difficulties that a company goes through and to create elements to solve them.

Mobile Application Development

The objective of this program is to teach us everything related to the development of mobile apps. At the end of it, we will be able to work as:

  • Web developers
  • Programmers
  • App developers
  • Software Project Directors

It lasts for 2 years, it takes place in Montreal at Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles. It is important to mention that this program is taught in English.

Electronics Engineering Technology

We will learn about wireless connections, microcontrollers and systems.

We will have the knowledge to work in any area within electric industry. It is taught in Centennial College located in Toronto and it lasts for 4 semesters.

Electrical Engineering Technology

Within the ideal Canadian programs for all of us who immigrants, this program stands out to focus on working in industrial systems.

We will learn to design, automate, distribute and protect the electrical systems inside businesses. It lasts for 3 years and is taught at Niagara College Canada.

Engineering and Fabrication Technologies Diploma

Douglas College, in Vancouver, is the Public Institution where it takes place. This college issues a valid certification for the universities which allow us to advance faster in the preparation for this career, thus the time and money required to continue our preparation, will be reduced by not having to take these courses again.

Should we choose any of these programs in Canada?

We already know the ideal programs in Canada for all of us are who want to have better job opportunities.

For this reason, we must choose one that fits our interests and a program where we can comply with all the requirements. With the help of Information Planet, we will be able to increase the probability of being accepted in any of these programs and to surpass all the admission stages since we will have someone guiding us all the time throughout the whole process.

At Information Planet,we offer you a Free Assessment with an Education Planner to help you choose the right program for you, and guide you through the application process and enrollment. All of this at no cost!

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