7 fascinating places to visit in Toronto

by Basma Ihmaidan
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Once you have established yourself in Toronto as an international student, you can make the most of this opportunity and take advantage of living in a city as incredible as this one.

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Toronto is a city with great tourism potential that attracts thousands of visitors every year. Living in this city as an international student also allows you to enjoy unique places in the world, spend the day and take spectacular photos. 

So, in this article we are going to recommend 7 incredible places to visit in Toronto, you want to know them? 

1. Canadian Pacific Railway 

places to visit in toronto

If you like trains, you are going to love the Canadian Pacific Railway. It’s an spectacular rail network that connects Canada from end to end and it will be your main ally if you are looking to get to know the country.

Aside from the places these trains can take you, there is the train experience itself. Canada has incredible natural landscapes and exploring the country through them is an unforgettable experience. At the Canadian Pacific Railway, they make sure to take care of every detail and many of the trains have panoramic windows so you can enjoy a better view of the places you pass by. 

You have the advantage that Toronto is one of the main stations, through which almost all routes pass and from there you can go to Vancouver on the west coast, north to Quebec and east to Halifax. In this way you can tour the entire country at an affordable price, enjoying every moment and starting from your student accommodation in Toronto. 

2. Art Gallery of Ontario 

places to visit in toronto

In the Grange Park district in the heart of Toronto, is one of the most impressive art museums in the world: the Art Gallery of Ontario. Here you can enjoy more than 80,000 pieces from the 1st century A.D. to the present day.

In addition, it not only has Canadian art but you can also enjoy an exquisite selection of art pieces from around the world. The museum is continually expanding thanks to private donations of artwork and new acquisitions. 

Without a doubt if you like cultural visits, the Art Gallery of Ontario is a place you will enjoy for days. You will also find restaurants and other types of activities behind its walls. 

3. Dundas Square 

Dundas Square in toronto

Yonge-Dundas Square, also known as Dundas Square, is a very special intersection of two streets (Yonde and Dundas) in Toronto’s financial district. This space is the most famous corner of the city because it’s always full of people at any time of the day. 

Large bright billboards, musical spaces, movie screenings and photography await for you in this part of the city. However, none of this describes the feeling of being in the middle of the square and feeling how the city flows around you. it is an experience that you have to live in your own flesh. 

4. CN Tower 

places to visit in toronto

If you don’t have vertigo, you will love this place. The CN Tower is a self-supporting broadcasting tower, but not just any kind. It’s the tallest tower in America! It’s 553.33 meters high and is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers. 

This tower can be visited and has two viewpoints: one at 340 meters and another at 447 meters high. You will enjoy unique views of the city and an incredible experience, because not everyday you are at such height, right? 

Is not enough? There is a tourist attraction called “Edge Walk” where you can take a walk with a harness along the edge of the top of the tower. A unique experience. 

5. Air Canada Center

Air Canada Center in toronto

The Scotiabank Arena, formerly known as the Air Canada Center, is a multifunction stadium and it’s another place to visit in Toronto. Different teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs of the NHL and the Toronto Raptors of the NBA play here. 

This stadium is the scene not only of impressive sporting events but also of concerts and shows of all kinds. It’s a multipurpose and modern pavilion that for one reason or another you will like to visit. 

6. Toronto Islands 

Toronto Islands 

The Toronto Islands are one of the places to visit in this fascinating city. They are located on Lake Ontario and are connected to each other with bridges. It’s an ideal place to do different activities, from going on a picnic to visiting an amusement park or taking a kayak route. 

They are islands, so to get to them you must take a ferry. This is easy, since at the end of Yonge Street there is a pier from which this type of boat departs. The most popular is Center Island.

7. Scarborough Bluffs Park

places to visit in toronto

The Scarborough Bluffs are a series of cliffs on the shores of Lake Ontario. There are about nine parks along the cliffs, but Bluffers Park is the only one with a beach.

The sun rays have a beautiful effect on the white color of the stone of the cliffs, which makes it worth the 45 minutes distance from the city of Toronto. It is an ideal place to escape on holidays, to get away from the routine and connect with nature. 


Toronto has a lot of possibilities for international students, beyond the academic ones. If you choose this city to continue your studies in Canada, you will have at your disposal all kinds of unique places to visit.

As an international student you should know that discovering Toronto is a key experience to fully enjoy Canada. The city has a lot to offer, from incredible natural landscapes to interesting cultural and architectural sites. What are you waiting to discover?

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