5 Best Colleges in Toronto for vocational Programs

by Basma Ihmaidan
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Once you have decided to study a vocational program in Toronto, it is very common that you doubt about which college to choose. There are so many interesting options!

list of institutions to study in canada

Don’t worry, in this article we have compiled the best Toronto colleges. Would you like to know what they are? Well, keep reading!

1. Centennial College

best colleges in toronto

Centennial College is a public college in Canada with 5 campuses and 7schools specialized academic. The study programs at this institution promote practical learning, both with its laboratory facilities and through its agreements and internships in companies.

This college has some 11,000 international students, who come to study in Canada in areas such as Business, Engineering Technology and Applied Sciences, Communications, Journalism, Arts and Design, Health, Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts, and Transportation. In addition, among its more than 160 study programs, there are some focused on improving English.

2. Seneca College

Seneca College in toronto

Seneca is also considered one of the best colleges in Toronto, and 5 of its 10 campuses are in Toronto.

An estimated 4,000 of its 26,000 students are international. Its educational model is based on the support of technology and experience in real companies, especially through CO-OP study programs. It should be noted that in this college they also promote the entrepreneurship of their students through a specific transversal program.

If what you are interested in is extending your stay, or even opting for a work permit while you study, and make the best of your budget, you should keep in mind that Seneca College has 116 full-time programs, including bachelor’s degrees, an essential requirement for this procedure. 

Remember that only if you enroll in a full-time study program you can apply for a student work permit.

3. Toronto School of Management

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Toronto School of Management is another college in Toronto that you should consider in your search for the most suitable educational institution for your needs, since it has very interesting CO-OP study programs in fields such as business administration or hospitality and tourism, among others.

Additionally, the Toronto School of Management offers great ease of payments to its students. If you find it difficult to pay your budget, and you want to be able to pay “little by little” for your education, this is one of your best options.

4. Tamwood International College

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If the ease of payment is relevant to you, without losing quality, another of the best colleges in Toronto with this benefit is Tamwood International College. 

In addition, it is located in a very accessible place in Toronto, so you will have the availability of easy access to public transport. It also has different facilities for the accommodation of international students.

 Educational programs Tourism is usually the most attractive in this institution, not only for its content and way of imparting it but also for being more affordable. In fact, apart from an attractive very competitive price, there is the ease of splitting payments.

5. ILAC College

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International Language Academy of Canada is an educational institution that cannot be overlooked in your search for colleges in Toronto to study vocational programs

Classes are held in small groups, thanks to its innovative system of study programs customized. In addition, they have a high investment in technologies to support teaching. All this has allowed them to receive numerous awards and recognitions.

ILAC is considered an attractive place for international students from more than 70 countries, one of the reasons is the ease of accommodation. The institution offers its students a selection of accommodation in residences, shared apartments or in homes with families in the area.

Reasons to take vocational programs 

There are many reasons to choose to study vocational programs in Toronto, or anywhere else in Canada. In this section we have chosen 5 reasons that we believe may be important to you:

  • They allow you to study something you like, with a study program focused on job skills.
  • You will be able to extend your stay in Canada, at the same time you will develop your professional career.
  •  Vocational programs They are an excellent way to enter the world of work, inside and outside of Canada. Studying full-time also allows you to obtain a work permit as an international student.
  • Many vocational programs are more affordable than other types of training in Canada
  • Professionals with vocational degrees are in high demand in different sectors of Canada, which makes you more eligible if you decide to choose to apply for Canadian permanent residence in the future.

Learn how to choose the best college in Canada step by step and ensure a successful future at the best college in Canada that meets your goals.


Whether it is a private college or a public college in Canada, in this article we have talked about the 5 best options in Toronto to study vocational programs as an international student. 

Likewise, we have also given a slight review of the reasons that make this type of educational program an attractive alternative to choose from.

Now, the next step you must take, start searching up for all educational options and requirements in each institution, in our blog you will find content where you can learn more about this. The best time is now!

list of institutions to study in canada
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