CO-OP programs in Toronto that will make your resume stand out

by Basma Ihmaidan
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Are you considering CO-OP programs in Toronto? That’s a great idea! 

If continuing to study in Canada is in your plans, you should know that CO-OP programs will allow you to study and work in Toronto easily. 

If you are interested in knowing how to take advantage of the opportunity to study a CO-OP program in Canada and be able to work, you should continue reading!

Why study a CO-OP program? 

CO-OP programs in Toronto

First of all, let’s make sure that you are going to study in Toronto the right curriculum for you. CO-OP programs are characterized by their especially practical approach, as part of the training consists of working in real companies within career-related positions

In this way, not only do you obtain a higher qualification, but you already have work experience to face the job market.

CO-OP programs in Toronto to have more opportunities

CO-OP programs in Toronto

When studying and working in Toronto, we must keep in mind that this is one of the most important cities for business and finance in Canada. This makes the opportunities in this type of field especially interesting in this city. 

You will be able to choose colleges in Toronto both public and private depending on what best suits your goals. You have a lot of options!

Customer Service Programs 

This is a CO-OP program oriented to work in all kinds of companies related to customer treatment, especially those in the hospitality and tourism sector.

In Toronto, you can study it at:

  • Toronto School of Management, where it is taught in the form of a certificate, with 240 hours of theory and 240 hours of practice. This program is powered by Oracle Hospitality Toronto School of Management and you will learn how to use Oracle’s property management system.
  • Evergreen College as a diploma, with 560 hours of theory and 480 hours of practice, which entails a much wider variety of content.

The practices of this CO-OP program are typically carried out in establishments such as hotels, restaurants or other relevant hospitality and tourism places, due to the large influx of people. 

However, graduates of this program are provided with a solid foundation in business and customer support, valid for many other sectors.

Human Resources Programs 

The success of an organization largely depends on attracting and retaining the right people, developing employees to reach their full potential, and ensuring that their efforts are rewarded.

The Human Resources Management program available at public colleges George Brown College and Humber College provides you with the skills necessary to accomplish this.

This CO-OP program in Toronto covers all the key functions of human resource management in companies, including:

  • Labour law Labor
  • relations
  • Training and development
  • Pension and benefits plans
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Compensation
  • Performance management
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Resource planning humans.

The experience, knowledge and management skills you acquire can be applied to any organization, as you can see.

Finance Programs

In this section, we want to include some CO-OP programs available in Toronto through two important public colleges. If you are interested in developing your professional career in the world of finance, either in business evaluation or accounting, you will probably be interested in one of these Study plans:

  • George Brown College
    • Diploma in Business Administration-Accounting
    • Diploma in Business Administration Business – Finance
    • Degree in Commerce (Financial Services) – Financial Planning
    • Degree in Commerce (Financial Services) – Accounting
  • Centennial College
    • Diploma in Business Administration-Accounting
    • Diploma in Business Administration – FinanceDiplomas in Business

As you can see, the two administrations are available at both universities. This gives you more possibilities to enroll. However, if you are interested in a degree plan, you only have them at George Brown College.

Business Administration Programs

Finally, if you are looking for something more focused on business administration itself, there are different options within the CO-OP programs available to help you in this area of ​​study. 

There are several Toronto colleges where you will find training of this type. We summarize the most relevant below:

  • Seneca College (public). It has several study programs related to the field of business administration, some of them overlapping with the areas we saw before. However, in general, the following stand out:
    • Degree in Commerce – Business ManagementBusiness
    • Diploma in administration – International Business
  • ILAC
    • Diploma in Business Administration (with 40 weeks of CO-OP)
  • Toronto School of Management
    • Diploma in Business Administration ( with 24 weeks of CO-OP, and training in QuickBooks)

As you can see, although these three colleges in Toronto offer the Diploma in Business Administration, each one differs a little from the others.

In Seneca, we find the specialization in business international, in ILAC a CO-OP of 40 weeks, and in Toronto School of Management despite being only 24 weeks of practice, they offer training with QuickBooks, a well-known accounting software. 

What advantage has more weight for you?


In this article, we have talked about four study possibilities to make the most of Toronto’s best CO-OP programs. As you have seen, each college offers its training with a distinctive touch. 

Now that you know the possibilities, you have to decide if you want to study customer service, human resources, finance or business administration programs.

Remember that CO-OP programs apart from a higher degree also offer internships that provide you with work experience for your resume! Choose the institution and study program that interests you most and start taking advantage of this opportunity as soon as possible.

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