Top 10 Colleges in Toronto for International Students

by Basma Ihmaidan
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When you consider studying in such a large place, you realize that the colleges in Toronto for international students are many more than you imagine. Which one should you choose? In this article we are going to make it easy for you, since we analyze the 10 best for you.

list of institutions to study in canada

However, you should be aware that there are important differences between studying at a public or private college. So this list is one of the few that you will find that thinks about this factor, and we give you all the information about it that other Internet sites are overlooking. If you want to know what it is about, keep reading!

Best Public Colleges in Toronto

Colleges in Toronto for International Students

Public colleges in Canada for international students have a number of advantages and disadvantages from the point of view of foreign students like you. It is important that you assess what your priorities are in the country before opting for a public or private institution. Now you will understand why.

Among the disadvantages of studying in a public college, the economic factor stands out a lot. Most Canadian students have some form of scholarship or grant to study at a public college. However, international students who wish to do so must pay the full price, generally more expensive than that of private institutions, and must also pay in cash.

On the other hand, studying at a public college in Canada also has numerous advantages, since studying at a public institution is a requirement for certain procedures that may interest you, such as obtaining a post-graduation work permit, being able to bring you to your partner to the country and that she get a work permit through your study visa, or even that if you have children, they can go to school in the Canadian educational system. You could not carry out these types of procedures studying at a private college.

Considering these factors, we leave you below the list of the 5 best colleges in Toronto, within the section on public institutions (below we talk about the 5 best private institutions).

1. George Brown College

They offer more than 160 study programs among which are certificates, diplomas, postgraduates and degrees. This college therefore has one of the widest ranges of full-time university programs in Canada. Most of their programs have an education component with field practices that give you a valuable opportunity to work and learn with certain companies in the industry that have an agreement with the institution, which may one day become your future employer.

This college has specific programs to help international students so that they feel supported at all times. Through their international student aid department they can support you with things like organizing a proof of enrollment letter, organizing academic support and tutoring, choosing your health insurance and much more.

2. Seneca College

Seneca is always to position itself as a leading institution of higher education in student-centered teaching and learning, and is considered by many to be one of the best colleges in Toronto. To do this, it has a passionate faculty who care about helping you succeed.

At this academic institution they consider that education is more than taking classes, so they offer enriching experiences to promote your learning both inside and outside the classroom.

They offer international students support in numerous fields, such as academic aid, visas and permits, health services, lodging, financial management, and workshops, among others. With more than 180 programs and 500 career options, Seneca has many possibilities to expand your academic profile. Its range of credentials and flexible learning options allow you to choose your own path of study and learn in a way that works for you.

3. Humber College

Humber has been awarded for its excellence in internationalization in recognition of its efforts to include resources for international students in various aspects of its Strategic Plan.

International students from more than 138 countries around the world have chosen Humber as their education destination because of the quality of services, programming and academic, among other reasons.

This college in Toronto offers bachelor’s degrees, diplomas and graduate certificates through 180 programs that are spread across two main campuses. Enrich your educational experience by forging friendships, exploring new cultures, and discovering a new and exciting life in Canada.

4. Centennial College 

Centennial College is Ontario’s first community college with five campuses in the greater Toronto area. Centennial is recognized as one of the most culturally diverse post-secondary institutions in Canada. In fact, it has more than 9000 international and exchange students every year.

This college in Toronto has a wide selection of agreements with other entities, specifically almost 800 organizations. These entities include Air Canada, IBM, Microsoft, Samsung, Facebook, Salesforce, Globe and Mail, Mazda, Harley Davidson, Sun Life Financial Inc, as well as various hospitals and the media.

From what you can see, they have agreements practically in all sectors, so if you are interested in internships, this can be a good place to study CO-OP programs in Canada.

5. Algonquin College 

Algonquin College is one of the largest universities in Canada, with over 200 study programs. International students attend Algonquin College from around the world to study English, take second and third year courses within their area of ​​specialization, and follow customized skills update and training programs.

International students experience the Canadian approach to applied education by studying, working, and collaborating with students and teachers in educational and research activities.

This college is internationally appreciated for its diverse area of ​​study, its focus on practical training, an organization focused on student well-being, and modern facilities.

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Best private colleges in Toronto

Colleges in Toronto

Private colleges in Canada are a good alternative for international students who want to continue their studies in Toronto, since they usually have a lower cost for them (as explained before). In addition, many of these private institutions offer payment facilities, and may even split academic fees.

1. ILAC College

ILAC International College is a leading private career university offering programs focused on areas such as business, sales, marketing and customer service. Its campus is located in the heart of Toronto, where students have the opportunity to gain work experience in Canada while enrolled in one of several CO-OP programs.

You will practice the knowledge learned in class, develop professional contacts within the industry and improve your resume while studying!

This institution has specialists in CO-OP programs that support each student’s job search, connect them with the most convenient employers and remain committed during their placement in the practices. This has given them all kinds of international recognition.

2. Toronto School of Management

International students are a very important part of this college’s educational community. That is why each year more and more students from around the world choose to study at Toronto School of Management.

It is an innovative university offering a wide range of career-focused programs in business, hospitality and tourism, big data, cybersecurity, and accounting. These programs are designed to make their content relevant and thus ensure that their students meet the demands of today’s job market.

Their strong point is the type of training they offer, since it is not an institution that has large facilities. In fact, they only have a five-story, lower-level building called the “Education House” located, yes, in downtown Toronto with 35,000 square feet of space. There are 23 classrooms, an auditorium, and three computer labs. Most of the classrooms are on floors three and four. The first floor has a student lounge, a student-run cafeteria, a kitchen, and a few classrooms.

3. Tamwood International College

Tamwood International College is an interesting educational institution for both those who want to improve their English and those who are looking for training programs geared towards a combination of study and work.

This institution is not too big either, and its facilities hardly have a capacity for between 120 and 200 people. This, however, has its advantages, since it allows you to personally meet all the teachers, and the rest of the students easily.

Another advantage of Tamwood is that they have many agreements that facilitate the accommodation of international students, especially highlighting its homestaying program that will allow you to live with families in the area.

4. IBT College

IBT College is a private institution located in Toronto. The university is a reference for students seeking a 6-month or 1-year diploma and certificates in Business, Travel and Tourism, Flight Attendant, Healthcare, and Information Technology.

In fact, it is the first university in Ontario to offer a full flight attendant program approved by the Ministry of Education, and recognized by the Canadian Institute of Travel Advisors (CITC) which is now part of the Association of Travel Agencies of Canada (ACT). This widely recognized training is its Diploma in Travel and Tourism.

5. Evergreen College

Evergreen College provides a diverse, welcoming, joyous, and accessible learning environment. Its educational programs focus primarily on areas such as healthcare, business, community support, technology, and hospitality.

There are many activities and programs to support students. In addition, it is possible to work on campus on a part-time basis for remuneration in departments such as Admission, Marketing and Administration.

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Toronto is not only the most populous city of companies in Canada, but it also has countless educational institutions to choose from, each with different attractions. Whether you decide to opt for a public or a private college, in this content we have told you about the 10 best colleges in Toronto. Now you simply have to choose one!

list of institutions to study in canada

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