What are the co-op programs in Canada and how they allow you to work

by Basma Ihmaidan
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Do you know what they are and how you can benefit from the CO-OP programs? If your goal is to get work experience in Canada that is associated with education, you are in the right place. 

One of the best ways to extend your stay in Canada with a student visa is doing a CO-OP program. What few people keep in mind is that working in Canada through a CO-OP program allows you to discover how the canadian labor market works and be part of it. 

guite to work in canada

This way, by choosing a CO-OP program you have more open doors when it comes to staying in the country, or returning to your own with this experience.

Here, we will explain in depth how CO-OP programs in Canada can help you as an international student to achieve this goal. Keep reading and don’t miss any detail. 

What is a CO-OP program and how does it work? 

what are the co-op programs in canada

The CO-OP programs in Canada are study programs that include work periods in companies in the field, where they perform career-related functions. In many cases, this work is paid (contrary to what happens with the “internships” in studies from other countries).

Generally, it’s the institution that indicates the workplaces through partnerships with different companies. However, sometimes there are companies that post  co-op job openings to which students can apply directly because of the agreements between the school and the companies. 

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How to apply to a CO-OP study program? 

what are the co-op programs in canada

If you are interested inenrolling in a CO-OP program in Canada, the process is very simple since the most complicated part you already did once you have your student visa. 

Now you only need to choose which co-op program interests you the most asses the status of the institutions that offer them, choose the one that best suits your needs (admission requirements, english level, price, location…) and start the enrollment process. Done! You are now ready to start your CO-OP.

4 Reasons to choose a CO-OP study program in Canada

what are the co-op programs in canada

There are many reasons for choosing a CO-OP study program, as we’ve already seen. However, it’s interesting to remember four of them, the ones that make many people finally decide on a CO-OP program in Canada. Let’s get started! 

1. Discover what career is best for you according to your job opportunities

Choosing a career is not always an easy thing, there are many options out there to choose from! Although it’s always a good idea to choose something you like, it can get really hard to decide. 

A turning point is the job opportunities that some education may have over others. Analyzing the different CO-OP programs available in the field that interest you, allows you to make more decisions in the current job market. This way, you will not only be able to study what you like, but also something that allows you to live from it. 

2. Earn money and experience in your area of study

Many international students choose canada as the place for their education because of the possibility of training and working part time. This can also be possible with CO-OP programs, in addition you will work on something related to your field as part of the training method and of course, get paid for it! 

This is a very valuable opportunity, it is about how studying at a college in Canada can help you improve your income and cover your living expenses.

On the other hand, you will add field experience to your resume, without having to wait to leave the institution and get your first job opportunity. 

There is no doubt that this is something that many students around the world would like to have, since a good number of companies seek to hire experienced applicants. And how are they going to have experience if no one hires them because they are inexperienced? That won’t happen to you! Because thanks to the teaching method of a Canadian CO-OP program, you will be ready to face the challenges of the current job market. 

3. Making your dream os studying and working in Canada come true 

For the reasons that we mentioned in the previous topic, the income that a CO-OP program can entail, makes it a possibility for many international students to be able to extend their stay in Canada. 

Besides, the fact of having already worked in certain companies means that they could call you after finishing your studies to continue working there as part of their team. CO-OP programs allow you to establish work relationships with companies and entities in your field, which could be decisive to build your professional future in Canada. 

4. Make key contacts in your job market

For that matter, not only you are going to contact companies that employ people in your field, you will also meet other professionals in the same field who can advise, guide and recommend you to continue growing in your professional career. 

Today more than ever, networking is very important to prosper professionally. So, a CO-OP program also allows you to build this type of network adjusted your profile and your sector. 


Choosing to study a CO-OP program in Canada will open doors in the job market in ways that don’t happen in other countries. Not only for being a disruptive training methodology that is traditionally known, but also for providing teaching, the opportunity to learn and experience in the field you will focus on. 

So now you know, working as an international student in Canada and transforming your professional career is an achievable goal through the CO-OP Canada programs. If you liked this content, don’t hesitate to share it on your social media and help other people. Talk  soon! 

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