How can I get a work permit in Canada?

by Basma Ihmaidan
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While you are studying in this country to develop your professional career, it is common to think about how to work in Canada, since this would be a great way to cover your expenses during your stay. 

You should know that Canada offers many opportunities for students; that is why, If you are an international student and you wonder how you can get a work permit in Canada, you are in the right place, in this article we will explain everything you should know about it.

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Who can apply for a work permit in Canada?

In order to apply for a work permit in Canada you must be within the country, in any of the following situations:

  • You have a valid study permit
  • Your spouse, domestic partner or parents have a valid study or work permit
  • You have graduated from a program at a government accredited institution
  • You have a temporary residence permit valid for six months or more.
  • You await a decision on an application for permanent residence from within Canada
  • You are a trader, investor, you are being transferred to your destination within the same company or you are a professional under NAFTA

In the case of study permits, which is surely your situation. You can get a work permit if you take a course at a college or university for more than 6 months. This does not apply to language programs.

Types of work permits

work permit in canada

Please note that there are three types of work permits in Canada that you can apply for. Deciding on one or another may depend on your goals in the country. 

Work permits in Canada are:

  • Closed permit . This permit only allows you to work for a specific company.
  • Open work permit. This permit allows you to work in any company that decides to hire you.

As an international student you can obtain a part-time work permit that allows you to cover your expenses in Canada. In addition, at the end of your studies you can apply to a Post Graduation Work Permit,which gives you the opportunity to work for up to 3 years.

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What are the requirements to apply?

work permit in canada

In the case of a specific employer permit, before submitting your application, the person who will hire you must complete certain steps and give you a copy of a “Labor Market Impact Assessment” or an identification number to include in your application.

Apply for an open work permit

For this work permit in Canada, the company where you are going to work should not appear as disabled in this list.

An open Canadian work permit can only be obtained in certain circumstances, some of them are:

  • Be an international graduate student from a designated institution and are eligible for the Post-Graduate Work Permit Program
  • Be a student who can no longer cover the costs of their studies
  • If you have an employer-specific work permit and are being abused or are at risk of being abused in relation to your work in Canada
  • You applied for permanent residence in Canada
  • Be a dependent relative of someone who applied for permanent residence
  • Be the spouse or partner of a qualified worker or international student
  • Be the spouse or domestic partner of an applicant for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program
  • Be a holder of a temporary residence permit
  • Be a participant in special programs

How can I apply for a work permit?

work permit in canada

The process of applying for a work permit can be done either online or on paper.

It is recommended to do it online, as it has some advantages, such as being faster and more comfortable and you can see at all times the status of your request and provide any document that is needed. You can do it from this link.

If you have any questions, you can count on the support of an educational expert. At Information Planet we provide you with the necessary support to achieve your goals of studying, working and living in Canada.


In this article we have talked about how your student visa allows you to apply for a work permit in Canada, which lets you combine both job and studies, and how this allows you to cover your expenses, as well as prolong your stay in the country.

Furthermore, we have discussed the two types of work permit in Canada that you can apply for, and how to do it.

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