What life in Vancouver is like: discover all it has to offer

by Basma Ihmaidan
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Studying in Vancouver can be an unbeatable opportunity to discover a city that is considered among the best in the world in various aspects. 

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We tell you all about their lifestyle, and what to do in Vancouver, so that you will be encouraged to discover this incredible city. You want to know more? Continue reading

Why is Vancouver a unique city in the world?

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There are many reasons why many people fall in love with the city when live in Vancouver. Be it its natural landscapes, its infrastructure and services, its inhabitants, the safety of its streets, the quality of education, or the variety of leisure plans available. 

However, you probably already know this if you have decided to work and study in Vancouver. This is why we want to give you this content information that you don’t know yet.

Quality of life

Living in Vancouver you can enjoy a pleasant coastal climate that rarely freezes in winter or exceeds 30 degrees in summer, so you can do all kinds of outdoor activities throughout the year. 

On the other hand, many people are surprised that it is such a “green” city, either for its parks or for this climate that favors both the proliferation of vegetation.

In addition, other positive aspects of the quality of the Life in Vancouver is security, public transportation, cleaning, education or leisure. In these and other aspects Vancouver is an exemplary city, both comparing it with other cities in North America and internationally.


Culture in Vancouver is another very prominent aspect, as this city has a mix of people from many backgrounds. On the one hand, it is Canada’s gateway to Asia, and on the other, being a prosperous city, it attracts immigrants from all over the world, who are easily accepted by living, studying and working in Vancouver.

Additionally, Vancouver has numerous entertainment venues and activities such as outdoor concerts or art exhibitions. Living in Vancouver is so interesting that many people have at least their second residence in this city, and it is the scene of numerous film shoots.

Perfect combination of nature and urbanity 

Vancouver is immersed in nature. A good climate, large green parks and the proximity of both the sea and the mountains make this city the perfect place to enjoy nature without leaving the city too much.

With this in mind, it is not surprising that in the culture of Vancouver you find doing outdoor activities, and it is very common to see people practicing all kinds of sports in nature, from kite surfing to mountain biking.

The best plans in Vancouver for international students

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Well, at this point we are going to recommend 5 plans that you cannot stop doing when living in Vancouver. Do you want to discover them? Learn about the best plans in Vancouver!

Tour Stanley Park Stanley 

Park is a wonderful natural area of 1001 acres of vegetation that has been there since the end of the 19th century, just inside the city. 

It is so big, that the most recommended is to visit it by bicycle, and there you can not only find trees but a marina, aboriginal sites, a beach and you can even see sea lions and Pacific dolphins. 

Can you ask for a more complete place? Stanley Park always gives you activities to do in Vancouver.

Enjoy Chinatown in Vancouver

As we mentioned before, when we talk about culture in Vancouver, this city is Canada’s main port with Asia. This causes a growing oriental community, which is mainly in the so-called “Chinatown”.

There you can taste all kinds of oriental delicacies, typical of Chinese, Korean or Japanese cuisine. You can also visit one of the most impressive Chinese gardens in Canada, Dr. Sun Yat Sen, handmade in the traditional way and of great complexity and beauty.

In addition, in the summer months you can enjoy the Richmond night market, where you can find all kinds of products.

Take a Kayak ride in Deep Cove

Another of the activities to do in Vancouver has to do with the presence of the sea so close to the city. With such benign weather, it’s no wonder places like Deep Cove are so perfect for something as interesting as kayaking, especially in the summer months.

Deep Cove has quite a few waves, and no dangerous currents, making it one of the best places to practice this sport, even if you have not done it before. Also, best of all? The views! Don’t forget to bring a waterproof camera.

Connect with nature at the Wander Van Dusen Botanical Gardens

Another of the green places that make Vancouver one of the cities with the best plans is the Wander Van Dusen Botanical Garden

It is a place that contains vegetation from all parts of the world. Many people even take the opportunity to have a picnic in the shade of its exotic trees.

Take a Food Tour 

Vancouver has been ranked as one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. In a place where so many nationalities converge, it is not surprising that you can taste dishes from all over the world.

If you are wondering what to do in Vancouver definitely, you will love this plan. Since you will find restaurants of all nationalities, and gastronomy developed in the city with combinations of different styles and origins. Without a doubt, the Culture in Vancouver is unique.


Studying and working in Vancouver can be an extraordinary experience, if you consider the beauty of the city and all the plans at your disposal. 

With a high quality of life, culture and the perfect combination of nature and urbanity, living in Vancouver can be a great decision.

With the plans to do in Vancouver that we have presented in this article, such as touring Stanley Park, enjoying Chinatown, taking a kayak tour of Deep Cove or exploring the infinite gastronomy of the city, you only have the first spoonful of possibilities. to enjoy.

Now it is your turn, if you have not already done so, to prepare to move to this city and meet it in person. Vancouver is the place you’ve been looking for!

how to extend your stay in canada
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