How can I apply to the Post Graduate Work Permit in Canada

by Basma Ihmaidan
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If you have been in Canada for a while as an international student and have fallen in love with this destination, you would probably like to extend your stay and work in the country, access a full-time job.

The Canadian government offers a very interesting alternative, which will allow you to stay in the country for up to 3 years. The Post Graduate Work Permit is aimed at foreigners who have completed their studies in this destination.

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Accessing this permit is a way to boost your professional growth in Canada, because you will be able to apply the training you have acquired in the area of your interest.

Here we will show you what you need to know about applying to a Post Graduate Work Permit, so you can prepare and trace your path towards the goal of extending your stay in Canada.

Who can apply to the Post Graduate Work Permit?

post graduate work permit canada

As you know, this permit is intended for people who have completed their studies in Canada. It may be that you have a temporary residence permit, or that you have already left. With that in mind, here are the requirements:

  • Complete a vocational or professional training in Canada of at least 8 months in duration, and obtain a degree, a diploma or a certificate.
  • Have been a full-time student throughout the training (specifically, during all training sessions). There are two possible exceptions under Canadian law: dropout, and last academic session.
  • Have a document sent by your DLI (Designated Learning Institution) saying that you meet all the requirements to complete your studies.

Within 180 days of the work permit application date, you must also meet one of the following criteria:

  • Have or have had a valid study permit.
  • You have been granted an authorization to study in Canada without the requirement of obtaining a study permit in accordance with paragraphs 188 (1) (a) and (b) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations. This mainly applies to diplomats, foreign military personnel from certain countries, etc., but it may also be the case of training of less than 6 months, which you have completed in the period since entering Canada.

Steps to apply to the Post Graduate Work Permit in Canada

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The first step is to finish your studies in Canada, fulfilling the requirements mentioned before. Once you have this, they will give you a document that certifies that your studies are completed.

If your study permit expires within 90 days after the availability of your Letter of Completion, it would be convenient for you to request the extension of the study permit for an additional period of 90 days. You must do it 3-4 months before your visa expires.

Having a valid study permit at the time of application is one of the requirements to be eligible to work full time after submitting your application for the Canada Post Graduate Work Permit.

In addition, this process involves the payment of fees, specifically CAD 255.00 to apply for the work permit and CAD 85.00 for the biometric data that you must provide with the application, if applicable. 

When can you apply for this permit?

To apply to the Post Graduate Work Permit in Canada you must submit your application within a specific period of time:

  • 90 days since the day you receive the letter of completion of your studies and your study permit is still in force. 
  • 180 days since you receive the letter of completion of your studies, having previously had a valid study permit. This applies if you apply before your study permit expires, apply to restore your temporary residence, or apply from outside Canada.


If you are interested in staying a little longer in this country, it is possible to apply for a work permit that allows you to stay in a job in Canada, even after finishing your studies

The Canadian government is interested in international students completing their studies in the country establishing themselves in its territory, and you will be able to access all kinds of facilities.

Extending your stay in Canada through study is one of the most viable alternatives. Although the process may seem a bit complex, you can always go to experts such as study agencies.

Canada is a country full of opportunities and surely you have proven it from your experience. Dare to continue growing in this country!

requirements to study in a public college
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