How to get a job as an engineer in Canada?

by Basma Ihmaidan
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If you are wondering how to get an engineering job as a foreign professional in Canada, you should know that this is one of the areas with the highest growth and one of the best areas to work in this country. Here we will show you what you should know to make it in this field.

Working as an engineer in Canada

Engineering is one of the fields with the best economic outlook and growth in Canada. It is a regulated field, therefore, you will need to be certified in your province in order to access jobs with a level of responsibility.

Engineering was one of the strongest sectors in terms of growth over the past year, adding over 7,000 new jobs”.

Working in Canada as an engineer is a real possibility for foreign nationals and international students. It is an excellent opportunity for those who wish to extend their stay in the country and find better job opportunities.

If you are in Canada and would like to work as an engineer, you must perform a realistic assessment of your current situation. Think about where you are now and where do you want to be in the future, and for that you must create a plan.

Requirements to work as an engineer in Canada

Engineering is one of the regulated professions by the Canadian government, and that is why holding positions of responsibility can be complicated. However, depending on your role and context you can work as an engineer under the supervision of a regulated engineer.

There are many ways in which you can become a certified engineer in your province.

The association of engineers in each province is responsible for the requirements to become a certified engineer and be able to work as a certified engineer.

Institutions like WES can help you assess your foreign education credentials in Canada.

Licensed engineer

A licensed engineer is someone who has met all the requirements to obtain a licence in the province where he or she would like to work, every province has a provincial or territorial engineering association that regulate every aspect of the profession in Canada. To become a licensed engineer you must:

  • Register with the engineering association of your province or territory
  • Be a permanent resident
  • Complete Work experience and references assessment
  • Meet the provincial requirements of the language competency assessment
  • Pass a character assessment
  • Complete a professional Practice Examination

Un-licensed engineer

You can still work as an engineer in Canada even if you don’t have a licence, as long as you are supervised by a professional engineer (P.Eng.). You should take into account that:

  • There are some requirements that will depend on the province you want to practice
  • Your English or French level will determine in most cases your professional progress
  • You should be supervised by a licensed professional engineer (P.Eng.)

Luckily, at Information Planet we are experts in these subjects and we have put together a guide to show you step by step how to work in Canada. We recommend you to download it and follow the detailed steps.

Average Salary of an Engineer in Canada

The average annual salary for an engineer in Canada is $81,700. However, this will depend on the province, academic qualifications, skills and experience.

Job search websites in Canada

You can find a job in engineering through some specialized web pages, who make sure that these are ‘real’ or certified job postings. Here are a few of them:


It is a page of the provincial government of British Columbia, committed to helping people find jobs. But not only offers employment services, but also educational and training services for those who want to improve and advance in their careers.


This job search engine is managed by the government of Canada. It is intended for job-seekers to find jobs and explore careers, and employers who want to recruit workers.

What are the best jobs in Canada for engineers?

This is definitely one of the best growing industries in Canada, taking into account that it is comprised of approximately 250,000 engineers and added about 7,000 new jobs in the last year, contributing with numerous advances in the technological and productive sectors.

Below is a list of the best engineering jobs at the moment:

  • Mechanical engineer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Manufacturing engineer
  • Engineering Manager
  • Process engineer
  • Quality engineer
  • Civil engineering technician

“An estimated 20% of engineers are over 55, and looking toward retirement in the near future. This means there’s plenty of room for bright young engineers to carve out a career path and move into high paying senior and management roles in the near future. “

This is one of the most interesting notes gathered by HR consultant Randstad.

It shows the potential in job openings in near future to young engineers in Canada. Highlighting that there are great possibilities for development in this area in Canada.

Where to study to get a job as an engineer in Canada?

The most important thing to get a job as an engineer is to be certified and have good qualifications in this area of expertise. These institutions will give you the opportunity to get certified or start your process to get these credentials. We will show you some of them:

Seneca College | Toronto | Public

It is an institution of applied arts and technology, which is located in the greater Toronto area (GTA). They offer a wide range of full-time and part-time programs including diplomas, certificates and graduate degrees.

Some of the best engineering programs include:

Electronic Engineering Technology

It is a full-time program in which an advanced diploma is offered with a three-year study. It is designed to introduce you to the world of digital and analog electronics. It offers the option of CO-OP mode so you can work in the area while studying.

Electronic Engineering Technician

The electronic engineering technician is a two-year diploma program. It will teach you the basics of digital and analog electronics. Providing practical and theoretical experience in the knowledge of electronic devices.

Civil Engineering Technician

The civil engineering technician program is a two-year diploma program. The program is based on the design of computerized structures, construction practices, material testing and soil recognition.

Civil Engineering Technology

If your field is the design and creation of structures, this three-year diploma program is for you. It also covers areas such as advanced computer software, principles of construction inspection and more.

Centennial College | Toronto | Public

The institution located in Toronto is a public college that awards diplomas and university degrees. Composed more than 260 programs in its various campuses in baccalaureate, undergraduate and graduate.

Electronics Engineering Technology (FAST-TRACK) (Optional Co-op)

This Fast Track program is designed for people who already have a university degree in science, engineering or similar disciplines, and want to gain knowledge and experience in the area of electronic engineering.

This program offers the student to start the 3rd semester of this program which has an original duration of 3 years, and in this way, you can get your degree in just 2 years.

Niagara College | Niagara | Public

It is an applied arts and technology institute located in Ontario, with a diversity of students and large campuses. It offers more than 100 university diplomas in advanced technologies and other areas.

Electrical Engineering Technology (Co-op)

It is a public program of electrical engineering technology, offering a CO-OP modality offering a two-year diploma. It focuses on electronic and industrial systems, in areas of power generation, source distribution, protection and control.

Douglas College | Vancouver |Public

It is a public institution in British Columbia, which offers arts and science programs. It is focused on the sciences of human services, however, has engineering programs that may be of interest.

Engineering Foundations

It is a public program that is offering this institution, with a duration of one year. The student will get a diploma and the opportunity to continue his or her career. Applying for an engineering and manufacturing of technologies two-year program.


The best way to find an engineering job in Canada is to invest in your education and skills, by continuing your studies with language courses and other academic programs.

All this will improve your skills and help you get a job. If you are an engineer, studying an academic program will give you not only knowledge but also give you the opportunity to expand your network of professional contacts.

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