How to get my first job in Canada?

by Basma Ihmaidan
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Are you worried about how to get your first job in Canada? Settling down and starting a new life in Canada goes hand in hand with how quickly you get to work in Canada. In this post we want to help you solve all the doubts you have.

Take a look at all the tools and tips we have prepared for you to apply successfully to your first job in Canada. 

4 ways to get your first job in Canada

Doubts about how you can apply for jobs in Canada? Getting a job in Canada or any place in the world requires patience, motivation, strategy and tactics. Strategy? Yes! See how these 4 ways can help you to get it.

1. Following the traditional method

how to get a job in canada

As we’ve mentioned before, getting a job in Canada it’s not too different from what we are used to in latin countries. So, basically if you are looking to be employed, you must make clear what kind of services you can offer, in which industry, and for how long. 

To do this, you need to do your resume in english and according to the canadian norms. There you must put your personal and contact information, work experience, volunteer work (if applies) and specify the working hours you are allowed to work. 

This method it’s based on delivering your resume personally or through a contact, to the person that is looking to hire someone with your professional profile. So, you can try taking it directly to the companies or establishments of your interest. 

2. Looking for offers for temporary jobs

how to get a job in canada

Constantly, Canada has temporary jobs offered for people that need to generate a quick income doing some tasks. What kind of jobs are these? For example, servers, cleaning staff, field workers, etc. 

Searching for these types of offers is very simple, you just need to take your resume to places where you identify that they may be looking for staff, for example, restaurants, hotels, etc. It is of great importance to make an attractive resume to stand out and achieve the goal.

3. From LinkedIn

how to get a job in canada

LinkedIn is a social network focused on professionals. You might be already using it, you might not, but if you want to make your way as a professional in Canada, this is a very popular option. Through LinkedIn you can create a professional profile where canadian recruiters can take a look in case they are looking for someone with your qualities.

In addition, by interacting with other people in your field in Canada you will surely have more possibilities of finding opportunities through recommendations. Connect with the professional world in this social network!

4. Websites

how to get a job in canada

Lastly, another way to get a job in Canada is making use of websites to search job offers. There, you can get access to a series of offers that might interest you and make yourself known by sending the digital version of your resume.

Here are some options: 

  • Canadajobs: It allows to connect people who offer work with those who are looking for it. In addition, there you will also find information on how to make a good resume and similar details.
  • Jobsincanada: This is a job search platform that allows you to filter by industry, cities, provinces, etc. A great alternative to find opportunities.
  • Simplyhired: Find the most popular job offers in Canada. Many companies in the country post here when they need staff. 

Like these websites, you will find so many others. It’s all a matter of trying, but we assure you it will work a lot. 

Tips to get a job in Canada

It’s not a secret that we move out of our home countries, many times we are dominated by anxiety when we think about getting a job. But calm down, it’s not only you. Everything will be fine! Look at these tips, they might help you. 

Join volunteer programs

Very popular in Canada! Volunteer programs are the perfect way to connect with a lot of people, they invite you to meet and relate with other people, develop any activity you like and be able to help. 

Attend networking events in your city   

Networking events are designed to get contacts. So, connecting with people that work in the field you want to specialize will be very helpful.

In other words, if you want to be in contact with new people that have similar goals to you, attending to these types of activities will be valuable for you to help you find a job in Canada.

Adjust your social media profiles and start connecting

Just as you can take advantage of LinkedIn to get job offers, you can also do it through other social media profiles. We recommend that you use and take advantage of your digital spaces to be able to show what you have to offer to the Canadian professional world. Now you know, seize the opportunities in your social media profiles!

Be proactive and be patient

This is challenging and we know it. Letting things flow is key to find your first job. Going above and beyond, connecting, smiling, giving a good impression and being patient without losing hope, will make you use your time better and achieve the goal of getting your first job in Canada. 

Keep in mind that…

1. The search success depends on not giving up 

Success is not doing extraordinary things, is doing normal things extraordinarily well. So, following the previous tips you will find your opportunity for sure. Cheer up! 

2. There is no paradise without visa or permits!

Don’t try to cheat! Canada offers great opportunities for everyone, but not outside the rules. So, if your intention is to work, get everything you need done from the beginning. 

3. Every effort has its rewards

Everything we do has its rewards. You might not see it right now, but it’s possible that the first contact you make in your first month while you are studying, is the one that helps you find your dream job 2 years after finishing your studies. 


As you’ve seen, working in Canada is more than just a dream that you can live when you get your first job in this country. The job search is a process that requires technique and enthusiasm, in this post we have made clear how to do it. Are you ready? Be prepared to succeed and not give up. 

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