5 Tips to learn English faster while in Canada

by Basma Ihmaidan
learn english living in canada
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Many international students enrolled in English courses in Canada are concerned about improving their language skills soon, since it is key  for being able to stay and work in Canada.

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There are other challenges facing every international student in Canada, from meeting the requirements to be admitted to an institution to complement their studies, to being able to get a permanent residence permit, if it is something that is among their future plans.

Therefore, if you consider the need to improve your level of english in Canada soon, as an international student, you have come to the right place. In this article we will share 5 tips that will allow you to master english quickly. Just taking advantage of your free time to do fun things! Does it seem like an irresistible proposal? Well keep reading, things get better.

1. Lose the fear of speaking english 

learn english living in canada

One of the main barriers to mastering english is in your mind. You may have noticed that when an anglo tourist visits a spanish-speaking country, they have no problem communicating, no matter how badly they speak spanish.

However, it is usual that those who do not speak English fluently have more hesitation when speaking it in public. This problem is only in our mind.

If you dare to speak english whenever you have the opportunity, on the one hand you will realize that you know and understand more than you thought, and on the other hand you will be able to improve much faster by having more practice .

2. Do volunteer programs

volunteer programs in canada

Can you imagine being able to learn English while helping to improve the world and gain experience? That is volunteering. Canada has numerous options where you can dedicate part of your free time to a social cause.

The advantage is that you can collaborate for a few hours per month, so it will not take away study time.

There are all kinds of volunteer programs, from environmental projects to accompaniment and help for people in need. Think about the kind of things you could be most useful for, what you would like to do and research what volunteer opportunities are in that field in the city you live in.

3. Read books in english 

learn english living in canada

If you like to read, you could consider reading a good book in english. This is also a great way to spend time like when you have to wait for something, from hours off class  to commuting on public transport.

A good book will not only help you learn english and improve your writing, but it will also make the time go faster. 

4. Watch movies and series in english 

learn english living in canada

Another option to take advantage of your free time is to watch movies and series in english, especially when this is the original language of the content. This will help you on the one hand to adapt your hearing, and on the other to learn the colloquial way of speaking english.

You can help yourself at the beginning with subtitles, either in your language to understand what they say (if your level is not that high) or subtitles in english to internalize the way of writing words.

This is a good way to acquire vocabulary on different topics, so you can have conversations beyond the daily life or informal.

5. Expand your social circle

learn english living in canada

Finally, another thing you can do to take advantage of your free time while learning english in Canada, is to interact with people from there and from all over the world, because students from different places come to this country.

If, for example, you are studying at a Canadian institution as a international student, you can try to socialize with some of your classmates. In this way, you will be able to practice the language, and incidentally discover fascinating things about other cultures and societies.

These interactions in english with people from different countries will also be key to adapt your ear to other accents.


When you are in an anglo country like Canada, you have all the tools to develop a high command of english in a short amount of time. You just have to do your part and encourage yourself to interact as much as possible.

Opening your mind to doing new things is the first step to put into practice these tips that will help you to have a good level of english. So you can access other types of jobs and even continue your education in this country.

If you have found this content interesting, do not hesitate to share it on your social media so it can help more people. Talk soon!

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