How to make an attractive resume in Canada?

by Basma Ihmaidan
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If you want to work while studying in Canada, you will surely need a resume that opens the doors of any company for you. Maybe getting your first job in this country will be a concern for you, that’s why we have prepared this article where you will discover key points for an attractive resume. 

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The resume is the document you deliver to the company and it’s fundamental for the company to be interested in hiring you. Although a resume doesn’t get you the job, it does give you a job interview which places you one step closer to obtaining the position. 

It’s vital that you think of the resume as an advertising brochure, highlighting your strengths as if you were promoting any product. Throughout this article we will deepen into the different elements that will make this possible. Don’t worry, we will be with you step by step. Are you interested? Keep reading. 

How is a canadian Resume?

how to write a resume in canada

In Canada, your curriculum vitae is known as a resume. If they say “send me your resume” they mean your CV. In this document you must include essential information: 

  • Contact information: such as telephone number or email, if you put both it’s better, this way the company will be able to contact you one way or another. However, make sure you can answer, not having your phone on silent or putting an email on your resume that you never check. You could use opportunities without knowing it. 
  • Education: especially education related to the field you want to work. Sometimes it is even convenient to delete certain courses that you have done that don’t contribute to the job you are looking for or make different versions of your resume depending on the company or position you are aspiring to.
  • Experience: you must put the experiences according to the company you want to work in. You should detail the functions you performed in the position, especially those that indicate a certain responsibility. 

For example, if you worked as a salesperson in a store, it’s important to talk about how you used to charge clients because when the organization that gets your resume sees that it will show that in the previous company they trusted you enough to allow you to manage money. 

You should not overlook any of these aspects, it’s essential to give each of them the importance they deserve. Reading your resume as if you were the person selecting candidates will help you make the necessary improvements.

What elements should not be included in your canadian resume?

how to write a resume in canada

In Canada, as in many developed countries, there are different elements that are not used when making a resume. This can be confusing if you are latino, as certain items are often considered necessary. 

So, if your goal is to work in Canada, pay attention to the elements that CANNOT be in your resume: 

  • No photo:

In latin countries a resume needs a photo to give the right image for the company. However, in countries like Canada this is not used because it’s considered discriminatory and the candidates should be chosen for their abilities. 

So, it is better to not put a photo on your canadian resume to avoid giving the impression that you are looking to be hired for your appearance and not for your capabilities. 

  • No marital status:

Avoid putting personal information such as marital status, personal situation, residence, etc. These types of things are personal information that can be uncomfortable for those who review your resume, and are not necessary for the selection process.

If the company needs to know about this at any time, they will ask you during the interview. 

  • No hobbies: 

Also, don’t include non-professional information in the canadian resume, such as hobbies or other interests. This type of information is not used in this document and in any case will be discussed in the interview.

Canadian resume format 

how to write a resume in canada

There are three models that most people based on to build their resume  in Canada:

  • Functional: The information is organized in a way that makes it more attractive. In this way, your most outstanding training and / or experience go first, to capture the attention of the person with human talent.
  • Chronological: The information is organized according to the dates, showing for example the most recent first, or the oldest, but always in order.
  • Hybrid: It is a combination of the previous two models, it presents a chronological order, but different elements can be highlighted.

Remember that the model you choose to make your resume will be the one that most helps you highlight your knowledge and experience.

Some tips for making a resume in Canada

Apart from what we have seen, there are some details that can make your canadian resume more attractive and allow you to stand out from other candidates. We tell you below: 

  • Make your resume structure stand out!

Assess the industry and the position you want and around that, adapt the information in your resume in the best way for this position. 

For example, put first experiences in similar positions or information you have related to that kind of job. That will help the company to think “this is the profile we are looking for” and keep reading. 

  • Add only relevant and valuable information

Sometimes, less is more. In Canada, a resume has one page, two maximum. you don’t have to tell your whole life to the company. Instead, highlight the most relevant details for the field and position you want to apply for. 

  • Organize your information very well 

In this article we have taught you several ways to present the information in your resume (functional, chronological or hybrid). Choose the one that better adapts to your needs and mainly the one that helps you to stand out. 

  • Use graphic elements

One way to highlight the information on your resume is to use graphics. Bar or pie charts are good options for comparing data such as the time you spent in related positions or your language skills. You can also add icons related to each section. Be creative! 

  • Highlight relevant elements of the text 

There is a trick that seems simple, but that few people use. It’s about highlighting certain words or phrases in the text in “bold”. This way you draw attention to certain information, which will allow those who read to find them quickly. 

In addition, by getting out of the monotony of the text, you make the reading of your resume more enjoyable and easier to read it in its entirety so they take you into consideration. 


As you can see, a resume in Canada can differ a little from what we usually see in Latin America. It is essential to be very clear about what you should and should not include in your canadian resume. Therefore, these tips will be very useful to get a job in this country.

Another of our recommendations is that you previously identify the type of jobs you want and aspire to according to your level of english. This way you will be one step ahead and you will be able to build your resume oriented to the position you want in addition to preparing for interviews. This gives you more opportunities to get a job. 

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