IT courses in Canada: The opportunity you were waiting for

by Basma Ihmaidan
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There are different educational institutions that offer IT courses throughout the year, for either domestics or international students.

The demand for IT experts is something that is growing in Canada, and this is the reason why there is such an attractive offer of academic courses in this field.

Having an IT course certificate is a great letter of introduction to help you get your foot on the door at any technology company in Canada. There is nothing better than investing in your education for these types of careers, which will open the doors to a very well paid job.

What is IT?

IT stands for Information Technology and is an area that includes everything related to telecommunications technologies and information technology.

Someone with a degree or certificate of IT is considered a trained professional around everything related to hardware and software.

The term IT includes several specialists from different technological areas, such as:

  • Software developers
  • Network administrators
  • Technical support specialists
  • Telecommunications specialists
  • Computer Engineers
  • Web designers and developers

Advantages of studying an IT course in Canada

In a country so technologically advanced, with so many companies focusing on the areas of information technology, having a certificate or a degree in this field is a decisive factor. If you are a trained professional in this area in your country of origin, you can acquire new valuable skills for Canadian employers while taking any of the many types of IT courses.

Developing skills in the fields of computer science, technical service and software is a great window of opportunity. Many companies require qualified professionals to meet the demand of the Canadian job market.

How to work on IT in Canada?

To be able to get a good job in IT, first, you must have a certificate or degree that can prove your technical skills and knowledge. Choosing a good IT program will depend on the school and city that you live in, be it in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, etc.

Institutions such as Greystone College, SAIT University, Douglas College, BCIT, Seneca College and many others have one of the best teachers with a solid background and experience in the Information Technology industry. Learning from the best is essential to grow and get skills that help you compete in the Canadian job market.

What is your field of work?

The work field of an IT graduate is broad since it addresses different areas of technology and computer services. Let’s see some below.

Software developers

They manage the research, design and programming of computer software, as well as users and databases. In addition, they know one or several programming languages and are at the forefront with new technologies.

However, it is important to highlight that they must have a working proficiency in the English language.

Network administrators

Which are in great demand worldwide. These professionals manage the software and hardware of the network and perform regular maintenance, including firewalls, routers, switches, among others.


This type of professionals are also called developers, coders, or software engineers and are in charge of writing code to create computer software.

Technical support specialists

These professionals are responsible for answering questions by phone and other devices, they are in charge of solving the different problems that users face regularly.

Telecommunications specialists

They are experts on the interaction between devices and computer systems. They are in charge of managing and maintaining telecommunication devices.

Computer engineers

Trained to manage, design, advise, operate, produce, build, configure and research systems that use computers, both at a hardware and software level.

Web designers and developers

These professionals specialize in creating websites and intranet sites for clients. These positions have gained a lot of importance due to the role that websites and mobile apps have in modern business.

Each of these specializations has different salaries, they are all part of the tech world, and can work in many types of companies, the highest salary is that of the software developer due to its specialization and necessary skills.

The IT job market in Canada

The job market for a graduate in IT is broad due to Canada’s advancements in terms of technological innovation. Many global companies have their headquarters here, in part thanks to the pool of qualified professionals available in cities across the country.

Therefore, if you want to expand your curriculum and are looking to have a better quality of life for you and your family, you should consider taking an IT program. The demand for IT professionals in Canada is expected to increase in the upcoming years, with Vancouver and Toronto as the main cities for these opportunities.

Companies like Hootsuite and Unbounce were born in these cities, so that tells us a lot about Canada’s IT industry and job market. This should motivate you to enroll in a good IT program.

If you are finding this interesting, we invite you to download our Check List of requirements to study in Canada and learn more about the requirements to apply to higher education programs in Canada.

If you want to know more about the average IT salaries in Canada, don’t miss this article from PayScale.

Educational institutions and IT programs in Canada

We will now review some of the Canadian universities and colleges that offer some of the best IT courses available. Depending on where you are you should consider taking one of this so you can improve your skills in these highly competitive programs.

Seneca College | Toronto | Public

This college located in Toronto has top-class facilities hosting domestic and international students. It has many qualified professionals, teachers and many certificates and programs, such as:

Centennial College | Toronto | Public

This college is also located in Toronto and has more than 160 programs divided into different areas or schools. If you are a professional with experience and/or credentials in your home country, you can become a highly qualified professional in Canada. Some of the IT programs offered here are:

Cornerstone College | Vancouver | Private

This College located in Vancouver opens its doors to students from all over the country and many international students. Here you can get your credentials and skills from its many courses and IT programs. Among them you will find:

ITD – Institute of Technology Development of Canada | Vancouver | Private

This recognized institution in the Vancouver area offers multiple IT programs, including:

Douglas College | Vancouver | Public

This public college is located in British Columbia and has a long three-decade history. It receives over 30,000 students annually. Some offered to domestic students as well as international students. Among the courses and programs that you can find in Douglas are:

BCIT – British Columbia Institute Of Technology  | Vancouver | Public

This institution is well-known for its part-time IT courses, which allows its students to manage their schedule and easily fit their work hours during the day.

Universidad de Winnipeg | Winnipeg (Manitoba) | Public

This university is one of the best higher education institutions in this beautiful country. Its commitment to the environment, small-sized classes and academic prestige make it one of the most wanted for international students. There you can find the different IT courses:

Universidad de SAIT | Calgary (Alberta) | Public

This is a technological institution that offers many IT courses, among its most popular courses we find:

Advantages of completing an IT course in Canada

By now you probably have a good understanding of why enrolling in an IT program in Canada is a great choice to improve your quality of life, and work in any of the big tech companies in this country.

This said you should define goals in Canada and budget so that you can make the most of this experience and develop your skills and potential to the fullest.

Everything you will learn in these courses, from managing the different areas of computer science, software programming to technical services, will help you position yourself in the Canadian job market and develop your career in a tech-advanced country like Canada.

If you liked this article and want to know more, we invite you to download our Checklist of requirements to study in Canada to make your process easier.

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