7 jobs for inexperienced students and how to get them

by Basma Ihmaidan
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If you are studying in Canada there comes a time when you wonder if student jobs would allow you to cover part of your expenses, and so it is! 

Even if you don’t have the experience, there are jobs that will allow you to better perform your budget and will be able to cover your expenses better. These jobs are very popular with students and are considered well paid. You might be interested in one of these!

guite to work in canada

In this article, we’ll talk about how to get the 7 most common inexperienced student jobs. Do you want to know what you can do? Well, keep reading!

1. Waiter

jobs for inexperienced students

The first thing you can work on in Canada is as a waiter. Here there is a lot of tourism, and also a lot of habit of going to bars, restaurants and pubs to have a drink, whether with family or friends.

These types of places tend to open fairly long hours, and generally, some of those places are always looking for staff

It will be easy for you to get this job at a time that allows you to keep your attention in studies. It does not require much knowledge, and immediately with some practice, you can master this type of job.

For example, you can work in the afternoon or evening, or on weekends. These are schedules that many people do not want to take, but that would suit you because it may be when you are probably not attending classes. That makes it such a good job for international students! 

Earnings are generally around $ 7 an hour in cities like Montreal, but what’s really interesting about this job is tips, a widespread custom in Canada. This can earn you a few extra bucks an hour!

2. Dog Walker

Another fairly widespread custom is to hire a dog walker. Many times work or social commitments make people unable to walk their dogs. 

For their pets to exercise and their needs, Canadians are willing to typically pay between $ 15 to $ 20 an hour.

Do you want to earn even more? You just have to manage to walk more than one dog at the same time. You will soon be able to have a steady clientele that pays you to walk their dogs regularly. 

If you like animals, this can be a fairly simple way to generate an interesting extra income.

3. Child caregiver

jobs for inexperienced students

If you like children instead, another way to generate income is taking care of them in your spare time, helping them with homework or even transporting them to school and other activities. 

Depending on all of the above, income is highly variable. This is quite a nice job for international students. 

There is also the possibility of working as an “au pair” and staying in a family home, in this way you not only earn money and practice the language, but you save on accommodation.

4. Ski monitor in different parks

If sports are your thing, you should know that Canada is one of the favourite destinations for winter sports lovers

This means that you can find employment at that time of the year as a ski or snowboard instructor in different places, and the income is not bad.

Another option to work in parks is to apply to the vacancies of Parks of Canada, which is a dependent entity of the government. You could be earning between $ 13 and $ 25 an hour, and all you need to do is apply for this type of position is to do it early, to secure a space before all available spots are filled. 

5. Translator services in Canadian parks

Within the parks, there are other jobs in Canada for international students that may interest you: translator services. If you have a certain level of English or French, together with your native language, you are going to be a very interesting resource for those tourists who do not speak Canada’s official languages ​​so well.

You can provide these services independently, or work for tourism companies, and you can even choose to work as a tour guide

The salary in these types of activities generally also ranges between $ 13 and $ 25 an hour.

6. Jobs at different festivals in Canada

jobs for inexperienced students

However, you can not only work during the winter season but also in the summer! This country offers a lot of festivals and events in summer.

For those occasions, they are hiring people to help with all kinds of tasks, from serving visitors to helping with decorations. You could be making around $ 15-20 an hour on these kinds of jobs.

7. Farm assistant

A professional sector with a high demand for foreigners in Canada is farmed. It is common for harvest time to farms hire foreigners, even from outside Canada, to help with the harvest.

When you are already in the country, you will have a preference when choosing this type of job, which, although it may be a bit physically hard, will bring you between $ 16 and $ 20 per hour.

How to get these jobs for inexperienced students

jobs for inexperienced students

Well, up to here you already know what jobs to look for to have the maximum possibilities, despite not having experience. Now we need to know how to find them! 

Before starting, you should know that contacts in Canada are essential, so use your friends and acquaintances as the first alternative. Surely they can help you find a job. 

In addition, it is important that you take into account the following recommendations.

Create your resume in the Canadian format 

Wherever you go do what you see. It is important that you adapt your resume to the Canadian format if you are looking for how to work in Canada. Please note, for example, in Canada no photo is placed on the resume, as this is considered inappropriate.

Take your CV personally

If you take your CV personally you will have the opportunity to speak to the person who will make the decision to hire you. If you make a good impression, you still decide to join! Are you going to miss that opportunity?

Use job platforms 

In Canada, there are different job portals, such as canadajobs.com, jobsincanada.com or kijiji.ca where a multitude of job offers are published daily. They are good places to find many possible opportunities to work in Canada as an international student.

Use Social Media

Many jobs for inexperienced students can be found on social media, especially on Facebook groups. You simply have to join employment groups in your area and be aware of the vacancies that are published.

Another option is LinkedIn, for example, which has its own section of job offers. Have you tried it?

Walkthrough the hotels and restaurants area

Many opportunities for international students move around tourism since having a native command of a foreign language makes them an interesting profile for this type of company.

If you move through that area leaving resumes you will have many possibilities and who knows? You can still find a “personal wanted” sign.

Make cards or posters of your services

If you decide to provide a service, such as walking dogs. You can give cards to different people so they can contact you if they need your service. 

This way you will have more possibilities of finding clients. 


Finding a job in Canada as an international student is possible, even when you have no experience

Knowing these jobs that we have shared with you will be very useful in your search for that job that will help you cover your expenses during your stay. In addition, you must follow the advice we have given you about where to look and how to do it. Now you just have to start your search!

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