Jobs in Canada: Which are the most wanted and best paid?

by Basma Ihmaidan
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The possibility of working in Canada and making the most of the work permit is one of the main concerns of international students arriving in Canada. There are many doubts about this topic, if this is your case, we want to help you.

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To be better prepared you should learn more about the canadian job market. In this way you can build your strategy to live, study and work in this country, you need to know what the wages are and which sectors have the highest demand for international people. 

A part-time job in Canada can help you cover part of your expenses in the country, so there is no time to waste! In this article we give you precisely the information you are looking for.

What are the wages like in Canada?

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Let’s start talking about Canadian wages, the first thing you should know is that in this country, the payment is established by the hour.

On the other hand, you must know the base or minimum salary which is set by the government and no company can pay below this. In addition, it is key to be clear about the average salary, what is normally being payed in the country above this base salary:

Minimum wage in Canada

The minimum wage, or base salary, in Canada is set differently in each province. This is due to the need to balance the cost of living and the minimum wage that a worker can receive.

Thus, in the province of Nova Scotia we find the lowest, being CAD 11.05 per hour. The highest is found in Alberta, being CAD 15 per hour.

Average salary in Canada

When we talk about average salary, it is necessary to keep in mind that this will depend on various factors such as the province, the area of ​​work and work experience. Usually, in this country reports are generated on the average salary in various areas and provinces.

There are different sources of information where you can consult the average salaries of different professions in Canada. Studies such as that of the Randstad agency in 2019 are of great help in this regard.

From this, an average income per person per year is around CAD 45,600 for professionals in different areas. Of course, this depends on each city and province.

In the case of jobs for international students, it is usual to find salaries of CAD 18 and CAD 24 per hour, this will depend on your proficiency of english, as well as the city in which you live.

On the other hand, when considering finding a job in Canada that will allow you to improve your economic situation, working in Toronto should be one of the main places you should consider, or also the incredible city of Vancouver with jobs for students with very good incomes.

Employment options in Canada for international students

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If you are concerned about not having work experience, you should know that there are jobs that allow you to acquire it; therefore, you may be interested in knowing the jobs for students, these jobs stand out as being the most common and preferred by students.    

Barista and Kitchen

Canada is a very tourist country. This means that offers are constantly being opened for companies in this sector.

You will easily find a cafe or restaurant that needs a helping hand for a few hours serving at the bar, or supporting in the kitchen.

Customer service and sales

There is high demand in sales-related activities, and various customer service jobs , from receptionists to sales associates.

If you take a good look around your area, you will find a small business, or department store with a hanging sign of staff search. 

For this job you will need a level of english that allows you to interact with customers, knowing the key words to make sales, you will do very well.

Other technical profiles of intermediate qualification

If you have previous education and you are in Canada improving your skills as an international student, you’re in luck! Intermediate qualification technical profiles are in high demand in Canadian territory, so your training can be very useful for finding a job related to your sector.

Of course, these jobs that are more related to your professional training require that you are fluent in english.


As we saw throughout this article, Canada offers you the opportunities you need to work while studying in this country. It is a good way to link your studies with something that improves your resume and gives you extra income to live more comfortably in the country.

We know that getting your first job may seem complicated, but knowing your options and possible wages is a good start. If you think that you could use any help, you can go to study agencies or advisors within the institution where you study.

In Canada, international students can find employment easily and it can even be very well paid if your level of english allows it. Therefore, we invite you to be encouraged to take the next step, prepare your CV!

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