7 Jobs in Vancouver for students that will give you a better income

by Basma Ihmaidan
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Many international students have considered the possibility of studying and working in Canada to cope with the cost of living in the country or simply to improve their English.

guite to work in canada

We know that one of the main concerns of students is to find employment as soon as possible and help each other during their stay. Around this topic there are many doubts as What are the most sought after and best paid jobs.

If this is your case, do not miss this content. We will talk about the 7 best jobs in Vancouver for students. Do you want to know which they are? Keep reading!

1. Waiter

Jobs in Vancouver as Waiter

One of the easiest student’s jobs is the waiter job. Either serving the tables or bars.

This is one of the most common jobs in Canada among international students. Also, it is a great way to talk to people and improve your English.

In this job you will have guaranteed a fixed salary, but the most attractive part of this position are tips. In Canada, there is a common practice to tip between 15% and 20% of the total of your bill.

This means that even though your hourly wage may be around $14 CAD, on a good day you could earn up to $400 CAD in tips. By working in crowded places, you can have great income!

2. Salesperson

Jobs in Vancouver for sales

If there is a job that allows you to study and work in Canada, and also pay well, it is in sales. All companies need to sell in order to survive. Therefore,  working in sales is highly demanded by all companies, and very well paid.

In Canada, a salesperson’s  hourly wage is $15 CAD. However, many places pay commissions which are very helpful.

In addition to this, it is considered a perfect job for students, since the hours are usually flexible and the pay proportional to the effort. Being mainly based on sales commissions. Sounds like it is a great way to manage your work while covering your expenses, isn’t it?

3. Dog walker

Jobs as dogwalker

If you like animals and exercising, walking dogs can be your ideal job as a student. Since you can earn money while having fun.

All you need to do it is to take advantage of your free time to take dogs for a walk from those people who cannot do it themselves. Dog walkers are highly demanded in countries like Canada.

In Vancouver, you can make $22 CAD approximately per dog for a two hours walk. A good idea is to organize group walks that you can handle. It can be a great way to monetize your time! Can you ask for more?

4. Nanny

work as nanny in vancouver

On the other hand, if you like children, you will also find numerous opportunities to work in Canada taking care of them. Many parents hire international students for this job, and it’s another great way to improve the language.

Whether you help taking care of kids while their parents are out, picking the kids up or taking them to school, preparing snacks or making sure they go to bed on time. This is an area in demand, and if you are lucky and get along well with the kids, their parents may take your services again. 

How many times a week? It all depends on the occupations of the parents and your available hours. By planning your schedule, you can optimize your free time with this option of employment in Canada that can bring you between $14 and $35 CAD per hour.

5. Translator or interpreter

Jobs in Vancouver for students

Look at this, International Students have a great advantage in finding employment in Canada: they have a second language.

By mastering another language than the spoken in Canada, you can become a valuable asset in numerous translation tasks, or even as an interpreter.

These types of skills allow you to work in Canada in various sectors. Especially hospitality and  tourism companies, events or educational institutions, among others. You could easily make $13- $30 CAD per hour.

6. Tutor

Jobs in canada

Another way to take advantage of your native language is working in Canada giving classes. A large part of your potential clients are those parents who want their children to learn other languages. However, when studying and working in Canada you shouldn’t just focus on language classes.

There are many students who need support and reinforcement classes in different subjects. If you master your abilities and knowledge, you can take advantage of it, as well  helping others.

Then you can turn your knowledge into a stable source of income, which ranges between $20 to $ 30 CAD per hour.

7. Office assistant

office assistant

Finally, in many educational institutions and companies, it is possible to apply to work as an Office Assistant.

The tasks to be performed are generally related to helping with paperwork. However, it can be a great opportunity to demonstrate your capabilities. This work could be compensated between $17 and $20 CAD per hour.

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In this article,  we have told you about 7 jobs in Canada that you can perform as an International Student. Each one is indicated for a different type of person. Whether you are a waiter, salesperson, dog walker, babysitter, translator or interpreter, tutor or assistant, you will find the one you like the most!

The next steps come from you, as you have to take action and find the Canadian job that you are looking for. The best time to start is now!

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