What is it like to live and work in the best city in Canada?

by Basma Ihmaidan
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Choosing a place to live, study and work in Canada is not an easy task. There are many factors that must be kept in mind when looking at which place is the best suit to achieve this.

But, if you are looking for cities in Canada to stay and continue with your education in canadian territory as an international student, you have come to the right place. In this content we are going to make a comparison of some cities with the most possibilities. Are you interested? Keep reading!

budget to live in canada

How to choose the best city in Canada to live? 

There are different criteria that play an important role in the decision to choose the best city in Canada for you. For example, think about aspects such as: proximity to the institution where you will study, accommodation costs, entertrainment activities, or how well connected the city is by public transport. It will help to make a successful decision! 

Although we know that each person is different when it comes to deciding, what is most valued it’s that the place matches your taste and interests. That is why what we will do next is give you some general aspects of three cities in Canada and it will be you who will decide which of them will be your new home to live the experience of studying in Canada. Shall we start? 

Living in Toronto

living and studying in the best cities in canada

Living in Toronto as an international student gives you the opportunity to be in one of the best cities in the world. Every year thousands of students, both canadian and international, travel to Toronto to realize their studies. But what attracts them to this canadian city? 

Let’s see in detail some aspects that make Toronto the city that makes its international residents feel at home. 

  • Accommodation

A place with this high demand for people, tends to have fairly high rental prices in major areas such as Queen West, King West, Ossington, Yorkville or Riverside. 

However, it is possible to find certain neighborhoods somewhat further from the center where rental prices are considerably lower and it compensates for the extra cost of public transport. In addition, most educational institutions in the area have accomodation facilities especially for international students. 

  • Activities

If you’ve ever wondered what to do in Toronto, there are activities to suit all tastes, it’s easy to find cultural activities and museums like the Royal Ontario Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Bata Shoe Museum, or the Aga Khan Museum. In addition to other types of museums, the Hockey museum, in case you are interested in learning more about this sport.

It also has entertainment venues and nightclubs. With so much competition within the alternatives, in this city it’s easy to find options for every budget. From exclusive (and expensive) places where it is possible to meet celebrities like the rapper Drake to bars and pubs that while being very good too, have more affordable prices for other pockets. 

But if sports is definitely your thing, toronto is a place you will love, as it is home to numerous teams such as the Maple Leafs (NHL), Raptors (NBA) and Blue Jays (MLB) as well as they are also home to the Argonauts (CFL), Toronto FC (MLS), Toronto Marlies (AHL), Toronto Wolfpack (RLFC) and Toronto Rock (NLL). So you will have sports for a while. 

  • Weather

Canada is generally seen  as a cold country as you may already know. And Toronto is said to have only two seasons: winter and summer. 

In winter (considered to begin in mid-October) the temperature can drop quite a bit, so it’s recommended to bring warm clothing. However, houses and other buildings are prepared for this type of weather with good insulating materials and heating. 

On the other hand, summer is full of life, people usually go to the beach, play sports and go to festivals… like the famous TIFF, which usually takes place in September. 

  • Transport

It’s a well connected city, with various public transit options at an affordable price. The regular transport ticket costs around 3.25 CAD. But since you are going to be in the city for a while, we recommend having a student transport ID which will help you to save a lot of money. 

Living in Vancouver

living and studying in the best cities in canada

Vancouver is the largest city on the west coast of Canada. It’s located between the pacific Ocean and the mountains of British Columbia. This makes it a city full of possibilities for people who love spending time in nature. so, you’ll be able to visit many amazing places in Vancouver.

  • A place to get in touch with nature and history 

Getting to mountains like Grouse Mountain is easy. Just 15 minutes from the city there is a cable car that in 8 minutes it’s placed at 3,700 feet high. There you can find different places and activities of interest such as:

Eye of the Wind. It’s a viewpoint that is also a wind turbine from which you can enjoy a fantastic view of the city. 

All kinds of sports. From popular winter sports like skiing, to riding bikes. These mountains are full of possibilities

Protected natural area. Grouse Mountain is the habitat of numerous natural species, both animal and plant. Would you like to meet them? 

  • Multiculturalism

Vancouver is a very open city with inclusion of international people. This can be seen in the fact that 35 % of its population is from other continents. Which means that as an international student, you won’t have problems to fit in the life of this city. 

In fact, it’s estimated that more than 10,000 students from 80 nationalities choose this city to study. 

  • Weather

Due to the proximity to the sea, the canadian city of Vancouver enjoys a milder climate. This allows it to have a higher temperature during winter, which makes it more comfortable for international students from lower and warmer latitudes. 

  • Academic and career opportunities

We mentioned before that Vancouver is a modern city. This can be seen in different aspects, especially in its commitment to technology. Many of the careers that can be found in their universities are related to this field and many of the job opportunities in this sector are in Vancouver. 

This city in Canada also has some opportunities for people who want to develop their career in the technology sector. Some of the most prominent areas are: software development, biotechnology, aerospace and video game development. 

In addition, companies like animation studios, television production and film industry, offer great opportunities in Vancouver since important companies in this field are settled in this city of Canada. 

  • Student accommodation

Vancouver has many different accommodation options for international students. Their costs vary, you can find residences from 650-690 CAD per month or homestays between 650-750 monthly.

Another option is to share an apartment with other students. And for that option prices vary widely: from 100 CAD to 1,200 CAD per month. Also, this price may include some additional expenses such as water, electricity or the internet. 

Living in Calgary 

living and studying in the best cities in canada

To finish our list of cities in Canada we want to tell you about Calgary, the fourth largest city in Canada with more than one million people living in it. Let’s see why international students prefer to live in this city:

  • Professional opportunities

Calgary is a very good place to do business and start a professional career. In fact, the city’s economy is expected to create 244,000 new jobs in the next decade. Making this city more interesting if your intention is to stay working in this country once you’ve finished your studies as an international student. 

For the past 10 years, Calgary’s unemployment rate has been among the lowest between major canadian cities while its salary is among the highest. Without a doubt, this makes it an interesting opportunity for those international students who also have the objective of working in Canada. 

  • Weather

Calgary offers the opportunity to enjoy and experience the four seasons of the year. Winters are cold and summers are hot, due to the city’s continental climate. 

It’s a dry climate, so there are many sunny days and very few rainy ones. On the other hand, the warm wind of Chinook give a few breaks from the cold during the winter months which makes it a less cold region than other areas of Canada. 

  • Leisure

Calgary is another one of those Canadian cities where there are numerous opportunities to do sports and enjoy nature. It’s located near the Rocky Mountains and Banff National Park. You will be able to enjoy fantastic views while hiking, biking or skiing. 

Besides, several leisure and cultural activities take place throughout the year in the city, such as the “Calgary Stampede” in July which revives the times of the Old West with a lot of activities. Also, you will find excellent restaurants, shopping malls and many artistic and cultural attractions. 

  • Accommodation

In this city there are many  accommodation options for international students. You can find different organizations that make it easier to find families to choose a homestay, as well as independent residences for students and a great variety of houses to rent. 

In this sense and comparing Calgary with other cities included in this list, it’s one of the places with the largest offer of accomodation.


Each city in Canada has a unique charm that is capable of captivating you. We know it! We are also in livo with living in Canada. But, it’s only up to you to choose in which of them you will live your international education experience.

As we said when starting this content, the choice will depend on your priorities, goal, likes and interests. That’s why we thought of a list of aspects that will help you have more information. 

From us, we hope that this has helped you to better consider your options when starting your studies in Canada or extending your stay in this country. If so, don’t hesitate to share this article on your social media in order to help other people like you. Talk soon! 

budget to live in canada
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