5 Tips for meeting people while studying English in Canada

by Basma Ihmaidan
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If your plan is to study English in Canada, what better way to learn than by practicing with native people

There are many secrets about living in Canada that you should know. Whether your goal is purely academic, or if you want to fully immerse yourself in Canadian society

how to extend your stay in canada

Don’t miss out these 5 tips to meet new people during your stay!

1. Take advantage of any opportunity

estudiar ingles en canadastudy english in canada

In the day to day there are many ways to interact with new people, you just have to be aware of the opportunities. For example, you can meet people who are with you in classes, perhaps these people know other people who can introduce you.

Studying English in Canada can be an opportunity to meet someone with your same likes and interests. It will be much easier to start by relating to people with whom you have something in common!

Another possibility is that you do activities that you like, so that you can meet Canadian people with your same interests. You will meet many people there if you attend sports activities, whether you practice or attend as a spectator.

Lastly, attending social events like local holidays, parties, or free activities can also be a good way to meet new people while doing something different. You just have to have an open attitude to start a conversation.

2. Attend meetings and activities of the institution where you study

study english in canada

But you can not only attend activities in your city to socialize and meet new people. In many cases, colleges in Canada carry out different types of activities throughout the year that you can attend as a student. It is a great opportunity to meet new people!

Look at the different ads about different activities, such as student clubs or parties, you will surely find something that fits you.

Moreover, you can use academic or institutional topics to start a casual conversation, and find common conversation topics. This will be enough of an excuse to start talking to someone.

3. Find volunteer programs that may interest you

study english in canada

A great option to meet new people when studying English in Canada, and at the same time make the world a better place, is volunteering. You can find all kinds of programs in almost any city.

Also, the advantage of volunteering is that it is something you can spend your free time on, so it adapts to almost any schedule, and it will not interfere with your exams and other commitments that you have.

4. Join MeetUp

study english in canada

A great way to meet groups of people in your city with your same interests is MeetUp. This application allows you to connect with activities organized by people who are fond of something. There are all kinds! And there you will find people with tastes like yours.

Being a topic that you master, it will be easier for you to start a conversation, relate and meet new people. This is also a good alternative!

5. Overcome shyness

study english in canada

Although talking to strangers can be scary at first, it will be worth it. Just introduce yourself, and ask a question about something, that will be enough to start a good conversation, especially if you do it in a pleasant and polite way.

Now it is simply about listening to the person and finding common interests. You will see that as soon as you take the first step, the rest of the interaction will be much easier. And if someone doesn’t want to talk to you, don’t feel bad! If you keep trying you will surely find the right person.


Meeting new people while learning English in Canada is easy if you have an open mind about it.In this article we have explained how to have that attitude that allows you to take advantage of opportunities. 

Furthermore, we have taught you some tricks to find events with like-minded people in your city, in your educational institution and even on the Internet.

Make the most of this experience of studying in Canada, improve your English, make contacts and enjoy new cultures.

Finally, remember that if you manage to overcome shyness and take the first step, a whole world of opportunities opens up in front of you. Now it only remains to take action! Get out there and start meeting cool new people in Canada today.

how to extend your stay in canada
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