5 Common Mistakes When Applying To Canadian Residence

by Basma Ihmaidan
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If you have thought about extending your stay in Canada to have greater opportunities to permanently migrate, you must prepare very well to apply for Canadian residency.

how to extend your stay in canada

Fortunately, in today’s article we are going to talk about those common mistakes you should avoid. Pay attention to these 5 mistakes when applying to the Canadian residence!

1. Lack of understanding in the Canadian residency application process

applying to the canadian residency

The most fundamental thing to keep in mind when applying for Canadian residency is to make sure you know how the immigration process works in Canada.

Among the information you should know are the requirements to apply, as well as the documents you must have to get Canadian residence.

If you know the steps in advance, and you have the documents,you do not need to worry. On the other hand, if you have to be requesting certificates at the last minute, and they are late, you could easily stay out of time. It is a more common mistake than you think. Do things in advance!

2. Failure to fill the required academic profile

applying to the canadian residency

To apply for the Canadian residency, there’s a category point system that you must meet. You should try to get the most points. 

In fact, you need at least 67 points out of 100 to qualify. Try to have a good score in each category: language ( English or French), training, experience, age, concerted employment in Canada and adaptability. 

Therefore, it is recommendable to carry out a higher education or study program that allows you to obtain a Post-graduation work permit, to significantly improve the eligibility for the application. 

The above is something that should be known well before starting the immigration process, in order to process an extension of the study visa, for example. 

3. Failure to meet deadlines 

applying to the canadian residency

Something fundamental is to always comply with the deadlines of each procedure for the Canadian residence. This is a very open country with immigration, so much so that each year it gives residence permits to 1% of its total population.

Of course, it is a benefit that is for those who fully comply with government procedures.

Now, a day before or after the deadline may be the difference between obtaining Canadian residency, even being able to bring your family to Canada or perhaps losing this opportunity. Unfortunately, many people have discovered this empirically. Don’t be one of them!

4. Try searching for shortcuts

applying to the canadian residency

One of the advantages of carrying out your immigration process in Canada is that the procedures are simple, and the information is clear from the government at all times.

Now the procedures are what they are! Don’t be swayed by those who tell you that there are ways to “trick the system” or “get special permissions” because they have the full potential to be a scam.

On the other hand, do not try to falsify documents, or to obtain Canadian residency without meeting all the requirements, since each application is thoroughly reviewed, and the information presented is verified. It is not worth the risk, because you face not being eligible now or in the future.

5. Apply to the process without knowing the eligibility requirements

applying to the canadian residency

Once you’ve avoided the above mistakes, it would seem obvious that you should know the eligibility requirements before you apply. It is something that we have emphasized throughout the article, but it should be highlighted here.

Mainly, it’s because so many people fall into the same thing over and over: starting the process of getting residency without knowing if they meet the requirements, or what these requirements are in the first place.

What do you think the result is? Exactly, they are rejected for not meeting the eligibility requirements, and many times they are out of time also to extend their stay in the country in other ways, having to leave Canada. Don’t let this happen to you!


In this article we have talked  about the 5 most common mistakes when applying to the Canadian residence. Key information that will help you succeed in this process!

Remember that a lack of understanding in the application process, not having the required academic profile, not meeting the established deadlines, trying to find shortcuts, and not knowing the eligibility requirements, may put your dream of migrating to Canada at risk.

Now that you know these mistakes, you are in a position to avoid them. If you are definitely looking to start your life in Canada, start gathering the necessary documents, evaluating if you meet the criteria and investigating the steps you must take to achieve it!

how to extend your stay in canada
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