Myths and Truths about studying in a public college in Canada

by Basma Ihmaidan
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Are you researching Public Colleges in Canada? By now you probably have found a lot of information, but you are not sure about what is true and what is not.

We know that many people want to continue studying in Canada as an international student to continue enriching the experience of living in this fantastic country; therefore, a key point is to choose the best college.

requirements to study in a public college

In this article we try to face down the 7 most common beliefs about studying at a Public College in Canada, giving you accurate information in each case so you can make a decision based on the veracity of them. 

Are you ready to face down the myths and truths about studies in canadian Public Colleges? Let’s do it! 

1. MYTH: I can work 40 hours a week while i’m studying

estudiar en college publico en canada

Some testimonies on the internet claimed that as an international student, you will be allowed to work full time when you study at a Public College. Be careful and don’t get confused! This is only a half truth.

Strictly speaking; When studying at a Public College, you will only have a part time work permit while you are studying your program, and no more than this. 

At first, this measure may be a bit disappointing for you but we promise it is very well thought out. Studies in canadian Public Colleges are very demanding and will take a lot of your time. 

Therefore, during your study time you will only be allowed to work part time (20 hours a week) as a financial support and it will be enough to keep you expenses and bills to date. So, yes you can work while you are studying but only 20 hours a week. 

2. MYTH: On vacation I can work full time

This is totally true! During your Public College breaks you will have the right to fulfill full time work days 

This is an opportunity that many students make the most of. 

3. MYTH: After my graduation I will have my open work permit

This is also a half truth, because it isn’t an automatic process. Once you finish your study program and receive your diploma, you must apply to a new visa process to obtain your work permit. 

Generally, there are very few reasons why your visa wouldn’t get approved. So you can be confident that you will get it. But you must know that you have a maximum of 90 days after completing your studies, to make your application and meet all the requirements and necessary payments.

4. MYTH: The Public College will find me the place to do my professional practice 

estudiar en college publico en canada

False! If you think the College will do the research for you, you will be waiting forever. These institutions don’t take care of searching for job placements for students.  Generally, they offer some advice but each student is responsible for finding their own. 

But if you are looking for a greater orientation, there are International Studies Agencies, like Information Planet that offer assistance and guidance in this process, so don’t suffer with your research. 

5. MYTH: The professional practices are paid

In some cases they are in others they aren’t. Commonly, these types of professional practices are a sort of internship where the payment can be very low or nonexistent. But there are some cases of companies that pay very well for the practices. 

Find out more about: The best colleges in Canada for international students. 

6. MYTH: I can pay the College in installments

Be careful with this one! It’s completely fake. 

No college will accept fractionated payments of their registration. This is why we recommend that the student identifies the budget available to carry out with their programs and manage to plan their finances before taking this huge step. 

7. MYTH: By doing the college enrollment process on my own, I can save money 

estudiar en college publico en canada

False! Doing the enrollment processes on your own will neither save you money nor greatly affect your budget. But what would happen is you losing a lot of time and maybe not making your request satisfactorily. 

Why? Although Public Colleges in Canada offer the necessary information for the student to submit and complete their enrollment and registration processes, in most cases if you don’t have the right guidance to clarify your doubts it can get very confusing to be able to comply with that number of protocols and required documents. 

That is why if you want your processes to be quick and successful we recommend you to have the assistance of an Educational Agent who will walk you through it satisfactorily. 


We hope that all this information has helped you to have a better understanding about studying in a Public College in Canada. Now you know:

  • How much can you work while studying?
  • What to do during student vacation?
  • The truth about the post-graduation work permit 
  • The truth about internships
  • It’s not possible to pay the  tuition in installments 
  • The best way to do satisfactorily your College application

Never forget that the opportunity of professional development in Canada it’s big and highly valued around the world. So, if your intention is going to Canada to grow as a professional and interested in applying for a permanent residency, definitely through a Public College is the best way to start. Do you have any other doubts? Do you want to share with us a new myth? We read you!

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