10 Amazing places to visit in Vancouver that you can’t miss

by Basma Ihmaidan
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If you are in British Columbia as an international student you are lucky, because we are going to share 10 incredible places to visit in Vancouver. 

This is one of the best cities in Canada to live and study. Vancouver has excellent alternatives for every preference. Whether it’s spending your free time in a fun way or doing some sightseeing. It’s ideal for those looking to fully enjoy their stay in Canada.

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Has it happened to you that you don’t know what places are worth visiting here to make the most of your free time? Here are 10 interesting plans and places to visit in Vancouver. Keep reading!

1. Stanley Park

places to visit in vancouver

It’s a fabulous urban park (in fact, the largest in Canada) full of entertaining options. 

You can go for walks, go on a picnic or do sports, like riding a bicycle. You can visit its grove, the promenade, its ancient totems and huge aquarium.

It also has lakes and restaurants, apart from its native fauna made up of birds, squirrels and raccoons. There is always something new to see in Stanley Park, one of the most attractive places to visit in Vancouver for locals and visitors.

2. Granville Island

places to visit in vancouver

It’s a very quaint neighborhood of the city, which you can easily visit by bicycle. Here you will find one of the best-known markets in Vancouver, where you can meet merchants of all kinds of products, from spectacular unique crafts, to the most delicious fresh foods.

It should be noted that Granville Island gets its name from the fact that it is an island. You can go by public transport, or even take a ferry. It is not worth visiting by car, since there is not much parking there, because the island is conceived as a quiet town, with little traffic.

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3. SeaBus

In Vancouver, buses not only go on land, they also go on water! At least, that’s the case with the SeaBus. 

It is an urban motor catamaran that sails along the pier and allows you to have incredible views of the city from the sea.

Since the tour is urban, it’s affordable, so if you don’t get to have a boat trip … it’s an experience that you will enjoy a lot. And you can also take some amazing photos from its large windows!

4. Barrio Yaletown

Yaletown in Vancouver

If you want to feel like a true Vancouver citizen, you can’t miss the Yaletown neighborhood. 

A place where you will find all kinds of entertainment. From art galleries and theaters, to restaurants, cocktail bars and outdoor terraces. In addition, the neighborhood also has fashion and decoration stores.

5. FlyOver Canada

FlyOver is a very famous attraction in Vancouver, and it’s very well priced. It is a kind of virtual reality enclosure, where you can have the feeling of flying over different places as if you were a bird.

It’s an incredible experience, especially because of  the effects of the movement of the armchairs, the surround sound and even wind on your face, giving you an impressive feeling of immersion.

Although the price is quite low, a trick to save even more at the entrance is to buy tickets online, as it is a little cheaper.

6. Vancouver Lookout

Vancouver Lookout

If you don’t have too much vertigo, you will love the Vancouver Lookout. It’s a 360-degree viewpoint with views of the entire city, from a 168 meters height. 

This viewpoint is located on top of a skyscraper in the financial district and although you can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view throughout the day, the views at sunrise or sunset are simply magical.

7. The Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium is a marine research center that is responsible for the rehabilitation and conservation of aquatic species and their natural environments.

It has more than 50,000 specimens, from mammals such as sea lions and dolphins, to creatures such as penguins, colored jellyfish and, of course, many different fish.

The aquarium has different interesting activities throughout the year, and even an “After Hours” schedule for a more adult audience, who likes to visit without children running around.

8. Capilano Bridge

Capilano Bridge

Another favorite place in Vancouver for people without vertigo is the Capilano Bridge, which is over the river of the same name.

This is not just any bridge, it’s a suspension bridge 130 meters long and suspended 70 meters high, in the middle of the thick forest. It’s an ideal place to enjoy the views, breathe fresh air, and get in touch with nature.

9. VanDusen Botanical Garden

It’s one of the 10 best gardens in North America, according to different rankings. It has 255,000 botanical species from around the world, located in a beautiful space of 55 acres, with lakes and birds. 

One of the best times to visit it’s in the festival of lights, where the entire park is illuminated at night. It also has an Elizabethan labyrinth, a botanical bookstore, and many totems and statues scattered throughout the park.

10. Queen Elizabeth Park

Finally, another place to visit in Vancouver that you cannot miss is the Queen Elizabeth Park.

It’s a garden extremely well maintained by conditioning outdoor spaces experts. It’s so beautiful that couples who get married in the city come to this garden to take their wedding photos. Without a doubt, you cannot miss visiting it.


We know that you as an international student want to make the most of your time in Vancouver to explore and get to know all that this city has to offer.

The places and activities that we have shared in this article are ideal to create wonderful memories of your experience of studying and living in Canada. Also … you will have incredible photographs!

If you found them interesting, do not hesitate to share this content on your social media so that they can also be discovered by other people. Talk soon!

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