How to renew your work permit and visa in Canada?

by Basma Ihmaidan
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When extending your stay in Canada to improve your chances of migrating permanently, at some point you need to improve your income through employment in the country. At this point, you may be confused by the difference between a Canadian work visa and a work permit.

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If you have entered the country as an international student, how does your study visa fit into all this? We will tell you about it here.

On the other hand, if you do not yet have a work permit, you may be interested in learning how to obtain a work permit in Canada.

Let’s clarify doubts: Is a work visa the same as a work permit?

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One of the most common mistakes when wanting to work in Canada is mistaking the work visa for the work permit. The truth is that they are very different:

  • The work visa is an authorization aimed at working in Canada
  • The work permit approves that you have the possibility to work during your stay.

For example, if you are in Canada on a student visa, you can apply for a work permit and have a job while you study in Canada. However, this is not a Canadian work visa. Your situation in the country would be that of a student who can work part time.

Who is eligible to renew the work visa in Canada?

work visa canada

To renew a work visa in Canada you must meet a series of requirements. Mainly, you must have an approved job offer and a work permit.

It is also possible to get an open work permit in the case of being the spouse of a person with a work visa, in some cases.

Steps to renew your work visa

In order to renew the work visa in Canada you must have the aforementioned requirements (approved job offer, and work permit in order). You can choose one of the 4 options:

  • Highly skilled workers
  • Low-skilled workers
  • Temporary Agricultural Workers
  • Domestic Assistance

Once this is done, an online questionnaire must be completed, and a member of the government will contact you to inform you of the next steps.

You should start the process of renewing your work visa well in advance of the expiration date to avoid problems.

Who is eligible to renew the work permit in Canada?

work visa canada

If you have a student visa and want to renew your work permit in Canada, it is necessary to meet some requirements. Mainly, continue to have a valid job offer where you will continue working.

We share some factors that will be taken into account when evaluating your application for a work permit extension in Canada:

  • The time you’ve been in Canada
  • Reasons for your request
  • Extension time requested
  • Compliance with all conditions

Factors such as having sufficient financial means to stay in the country, the length of the extension requested, and whether you have a clean record or a disease that prevents you from working also come into play.

Steps to renew your work permit

It is recommended to start the process of renewal of the work permit about 90 days (three months) before it expires. This way you will have enough time for the different procedures and government response times, without the risk of being deported.

The government official will assess the different criteria to assess whether you continue to meet the requirements that allow you to renew your work permit. If everything is correct, it will be renewed.

It should be noted that you can continue working while the renewal is being processed.


As you can see, the differences between a work permit and a work visa in Canada are several. Surely, you are already clear about your case and what you should take into account for the renewal.

With this information, you can already extend your stay in Canada while maintaining a job in the country. Apply your new knowledge and work in Canada!

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