Extend your study permit in Canada: What you need to know

by Basma Ihmaidan
study permit canada
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When you are an international student in Canada, there comes a moment that everyone fears: the day your studies are over and you must decide whether to return to the life you had before or extend your stay in the country.

how to extend your stay in canada

If you want to continue the experience of studying and living in this wonderful country, you may be wondering how to extend your study permit in Canada? You should know that it is something feasible and very simple. In this article we explain how to do it.

When should you renew your study permit?

study permit canada

This topic causes a lot of confusion for international students. You should keep in mind that while you are studying an eligible program you will not have problems with your student permit.

In fact, you can switch from one valid study to another, or even from one educational institution to another, simply by updating your IRCC. Your study permit would still be valid in this case.

Now, once you graduate from the educational institution in which you are studying, your study permit in Canada expires 90 days later.

You have those 90 days to define your situation or leave the country, in case you want to extend your stay you must start the process at least 30 days before the expiration of the permit. The options you have are basically four:

  • Request an extension of your study permit when studying another eligible training in Canada, which is what we are going to explain today.
  • Apply for a “post-graduation” work permit, if the training you have been doing is eligible for this
  • Obtain a visitor visa, and stay in Canada for a while as a tourist
  • Leave the country, which if you are reading this article … you probably are not interested in doing.

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General requirements to obtain a new study permit in Canada

study permit canada

To obtain a new study permit, you must enroll in an educational institution through an eligible study program, just as you did the first time. You must also fill out a form that you can download online, and include some documents, such as

  • Photocopies of an identity document, usually the passport
  • Proof of funds, financing or scholarships. That is, a justification of the monetary resources that you have to pay for your studies and your stay.
  • Evidence of continuity of studies, validated by the institution where you were studying. In addition to your grades and certificate of attendance to the last periods of the course.

You must have taken advantage of and attended the last training you did in Canada to be able to extend your study permit by taking another training.

In addition, if you are going to study in the province of Quebec, you must also add to the list of documents a “Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec”, which you must process in that province.

Steps to get a new study permit in Canada

study permit canada

First of all, you need to make sure that you are eligible for a renewal. For this, you must know what course you are going to take and make sure with the academic institution that you are eligible to obtain a place by studying there (for example, that you meet the minimum grade requirements, there are places available … etc).

You should also gather the documentation that we explained in the previous step, especially the certificates that your previous school must give you, since these may take a little while. The sooner you get them,the better. 

Finally, Last but least remember, you must start the process of renewal of the study permit more than 30 days before the expiration date of the same (which, in turn, is automatically set to 90 days after graduation). Don’t miss out on the dates!


In this article we have talked about ways to extend your stay as an international student, specially by extending your study permit in Canada.

We have explained to you,when you have to do this renovation, the requirements to renew your student permit, and the steps to obtain it.

If you found this content useful, share it on your social network to help other international students apply for a renewal of the study permit. See you soon!

how to extend your stay in canada
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