5 Study programs in Canada for business professionals

by Basma Ihmaidan
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If you are looking for study programs in Canada within the business field, you have come to the right place, since in this article we have chosen the best 5 alternatives available as an international student. If you want to know what they are, keep reading!

Keep in mind that cities in Canada are very specialized. Therefore, the best place to study business careers is Toronto, the financial capital of the country. You can choose between public or private colleges, depending on your goals.

list of institutions to study in canada

In Toronto, you will find a large number of programs with a practical approach based on the current needs of the business sector, as well as numerous companies where to do internships and work.

On the other hand, financial professionals are also in great demand in Toronto, due to the large number of banks and other financial companies that are established in this city. If this is a field that interests you, it is a fact that you should take into account when studying in Canada, we have had it when preparing this content.

1.International Business Diploma

Study Programs in Canada

This is a two-year Diploma that you can find at some of the best colleges in Toronto for international students. For example, Seneca College or Thompson Rivers University.

Despite its short duration, it is a key training for the Canadian job market. It is in high demand due to its focus on meeting one of the fundamental needs of the Canadian business fabric: international trade.

What you will learn in this university training, which will allow you to study and work in Canada, consists of the knowledge and skills necessary to manage the movement of goods and services around the world.

On the other hand, it will allow you to develop your skills and knowledge of business management, international sales and marketing, bureaucracy of international trade and management of logistical means and transportation of goods.

2.Finance Advanced Diploma

Another study in Canada that may interest you is the Finance Advanced Diploma. This is a 3-year diploma available from institutions such as George Brown College or Georgian College, and offers students the knowledge and skills to work in the financial services sector.

The financial services sector continues to grow and adapt to customer needs through the use of technology

People with knowledge ofare needed customer service and knowledge of financial planning, call center operations, investments and risk management in this fast-paced environment. And these are precisely the knowledge covered by this training!

3.Business – Marketing Diploma

Study Programs in Canada

If there is something that any company in any sector needs, it is to sell. This is why the importance and great success of thecan be understood Georgian College Diploma in Business-Marketing, which lasts for 2 years,.

This is training that prepares you to practice different professions as a marketing coordinator, social media specialist, sales representative and similar functions

In addition, it is a training that enables you both to work for others in the field of marketing, where it can lead you to executive level positions, or even to work as a consultant and set up your own agency.

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4.Business Entrepreneurship Diploma

And precisely if what you are looking for is to undertake inside or outside of Canada, the Business-Entrepreneurship diploma thatalso offers Georgian College may be for you. 

This program is particularly appropriate for students whose goal is to enter a family business, start their own business, or enter a job with a small company. Remember that the enterprises receive a lot of support from the government.

The opportunities available when undertaking are endless, since you can dedicate yourself to the sector you want. However, it is also possible to find employment thanks to this training based on entrepreneurship. This will allow you to hold key positions in private, public or non-profit organizations

Potential roles include owner / manager a business, middle manager, department supervisor, or business feasibility analyst, among others.

5. Financial Management Diploma

Study Programs in Canada

Finally, another of the indispensable skills that any company needs is financial management. To cover this need, institutions such as Langara College or Winnipeg University offer a Diploma in Financial Management, which lasts for 2 years. The concentration of accounting subjects includes the requirements of professional accounting associations (CPA).

In addition,are incorporated business and general education courses to ensure graduates receive a comprehensive business education, with an emphasis on business analysis and decision making, strategic management, and teamwork. 

On the other hand, The Financial Management Diploma offers students who do not plan to pursue an Accounting (CPA) designation the flexibility to choose electives from other business areas and / or non-commercial courses in order to tailor the degree to their expectations for the future, something very interesting.


Whether you want to dedicate yourself to entrepreneurship, business management, or a more financial and accounting approach, in Canada, and particularly in Toronto, you will find all the training options you need and that are aligned with your objectives, hand in hand with best educational institutions in the country.

Which of these formations has caught your attention the most? Once you have decided what you want to study, the next step is to contact the university that teaches it, to see the start date and the admission requirements. 

As you can see, there are a varietystudy programs in Canada of high-qualityand colleges that will help you achieve your goals. Now you must choose the best for you!

list of institutions to study in canada

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