5 Tips to work in Canada as a professional

by Basma Ihmaidan
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When you decided to travel to study in Canada, you probably wanted to improve your professional profile and have new opportunities. You should know that as an international student, working in Canada as a foreigner can open the door to many opportunities. 

how to extend your stay in canada

If you already have a degree or professional experience, you are in Canadian territory as an international student and you want to know how to work in Canada … This article is ideal for you!

Here we will tell you everything you need to know about how to achieve it, and we will give you some tricks about how to strengthen your application over others. Know 5 key points that will help you improve your chances of finding employment in Canada.

1. Improve your english proficiency 

work in canada as a professional

An important requirement to get involved in the canadian job market is language. Mastering english will make it easier for you to communicate in a job interview, as well as in your new position.

Also, it’s convenient that you can present some official certification in the language, since for some procedures, such as applying for the canadian residency, this adds points.

To improve your level of english, we recommend that you fully immerse yourself in the language. From songs and movies, to outings and conversations with friends.

2. Enroll in formal studies, courses or postgraduate

work in canada as a professional

Acquiring more training will always add to your professional profile, in order to work in Canada. In fact, if you choose to study a CO-OP program you will be able to enter the job market more easily.

If what you want is to really fit into your professional field and even extend your stay with a job, we recommend choosing vocational or postgraduate programs related to your professional profile.

This way, everything will add up in the same direction, and you will be able to prove more knowledge in your field. Higher education is an excellent alternative to have a work permit after graduation.

3. Translate and improve your LinkedIn profile 

work in canada as a professional

If you are looking for a job in Canada, it would be recommended for your LinkedIn profile to be in English. This way, a potential employer that reaches your profile will be able to get a good impression of your application.

To better understand how to present your LinkedIn profile, a good tip may be to look at other profiles of people in Canada who work where you want to work. That way you can see how they express their training and experience, what type of profile photo they have, etc. It would be good if you take them as a reference, since they are where you want to be.

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4. Build your own network

work in canada as a professional

An important resource for working in Canada, or anywhere else, is having a good network of contacts. It’s a key way to find jobs.

To do this, you should care about meeting new people (especially people from your area), maintain a relationship with them, and make sure they know that you are looking for a job in Canada.

As an international student, you can take advantage of  the constant contact with your colleagues and teachers to expand your chances of getting a job in Canada in the area of your interest.

5. Write your cover letter

work in canada as a professional

Finally, something that can give a good boost to your job search in Canada, in any selection process, is your cover letter. 

Your cover letter goes attached to the canadian resume, in which you explain why you want to work at the company. Think about highlighting your strengths, as well as the reasons that motivated you from the beginning to dedicate yourself to that profession that you are so passionate about.

Sometimes reading examples on the Internet can help you find the right inspiration to write it. You can also have someone you trust to read it “as if they were thinking of hiring you.” That way it can tell you what you may change or improve. 


We have given you the key points to find a job in Canada while you are studying. Improving your english proficiency, complementing your studies, translating your profile on LinkedIn, building a network of contacts or writing your cover letter will put you on the right path and make your profile more attractive.

Canada is an expanding country, very friendly to foreigners, and full of opportunities. We know that you can find your place.

The large amount of possibilities are at your fingertips, just take action! Putting into practice the tips that we have shared in this article will allow you to work in Canada.

how to extend your stay in canada
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