7 College careers with the best future in Canada

by Basma Ihmaidan
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If you have doubts about how the study programs in Canada for foreigners work and which college careers will help you have a great future in Canada, you have come to the right place. Here we will tell you everything about it!

list of institutions to study in canada

In this way, not only you will be able to extend your stay as an international student by completing a university degree, but you will also be able to have a better income by obtaining a work permit. 

To achieve this, we are going to focus in this article on undergraduate studies or bachelors (as they are known in Canada) that you can find in the main universities.

1. Computing and IT 

IT in canada

One of the fields in greatest demand in Canada is that of Computing and IT, especially in practical applications as diverse as software development, data analysis, web development or security. 

There are approximately 488,000 IT professionals in Canada, and in 2018 the number of jobs in the technology field grew by 11,500 new jobs in this sector alone.

In addition, due to the facilities provided by the Canadian government, many technology companies are moving to cities such as Toronto or Vancouver, due to restrictive United States tariff policies. 

As Canada is more open to international trade, these companies see their best interests in Canadian territory, and you could get to work with them. 

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2. International Trade and Business 

As we mentioned before, Canada is a country very open to the outside world, and international trade and business are no exception. To give you an idea, according to data from the World Bank in 2018, foreign trade represented 66% of Canadian GDP.

Specifically, Canada’s main exports are petroleum products, automobiles and other vehicles, gold and machinery. In addition, it also imports different products.

3. Business Administration 

university careers in canada

Another of the fastest growing areas of Canada is new companies. It is logical, if before we were talking about sectors such as technology where companies are coming to Canada, and creating jobs … it is reasonable to assume that the Canadian business  is growing.

According to different sources, the creation of new companies in Canada is between 2% and 3% of the business sector annually. Not counting on the existing companies that grow and expand every year. 

This opens a world of possibilities for people studying Business Administration in Canada. These companies will need these profiles. Maybe it could be you.

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4. Media Production and Design 

We are in the information age, which is why we consider it to be an expanding sector where a higher degree can place you at the top of the candidate lists.

More and more companies require professionals in Media Production and Design. 

So, you will find opportunities in this sector for all kinds of activities, from advertising to creation of training content, without forgetting the applications in the press, cinema … etc.

5. Engineering 

Engineering in canada

In general, studying engineering in Canada is an excellent idea, there are some careers in this broad field that stand out from the rest, these would be:

Civil Engineering

In Canada, it tends to have a fairly comprehensive agenda that covers concepts of urban and environmental planning , infrastructures (bridges, roads …) and some building.

Mechanical engineering

It is worth noting large applications because in Canada there are many laboratories and large industries with worldwide recognition, which makes this type of engineer highly in demand in this labor market.

Electrical Engineering

It is a balanced career, with plenty of laboratory work and design projects. It opens many doors laborically since it is ideal for those people who want to work developing engineering projects, electrical certifications, and in the world of public tenders.

6. Actuarial science and data analysis

Something that is revolutionizing the world of information as we have known up to now, is Big Data and the neural networks to process it. 

If you become a qualified professional in this field, you will be able to work in practically any sector, since it has applications in the world of finance, health, commerce, travel agencies, the media, politics … etc.

As you can see, you could study in Canada an undergraduate that offers you many opportunities. 

7. Agricultural and forestry science

university careers in canada

To give you an idea of ​​what this means, in 2018 the Canadian agricultural sector was 1.7% of GDP, according to the World Bank. It seems little, but it turns out that this sector employs 1% of the population, according to the same source.

If we continue analyzing the data, we realize that the agricultural system and the agri-food industry group one in eight workers in Canada. Do you see the potential to study Agricultural Sciences?

So important is this sector that Canada is one of the world’s leading exporters of agricultural products, particularly wheat. In addition, it produces 10% of the genetically modified crops on the planet. 

So getting a degree in agricultural and forestry science in Canada becomes especially important in those specially paid technical jobs.


In this article we have told you about 7 university degrees that you can do in Canada and that have great career opportunities. What sector did you like the most? 

On the other hand, you can assess their potential against your interests, to reach the ideal career for you. Thus, you can take the next step and continue studying in Canada. 

If you have already made up your mind, all you have to do is start looking for a university where you can start studying . This is the best time to start looking! So you can carry out the necessary procedures with enough time.

list of institutions to study in canada
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