What can I study in Canada that allows me to work

by Basma Ihmaidan
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One of the advantages of having a student visa is studying in Canada is that, depending on the duration of your study program you can work too! Here we’ll help you to choose between the most appealing options to make this come true, are you interested? Keep reading. 

Every year, Canada welcomes thousands of students with the objective of learning or improving their english. They engage so much with the experience of this country that they end up wanting to extend their study program and education. Definitely magnificent.

What is not that great, is to know what to study and which program will also allow you to work. 

This might be your case and you are looking to extend your stay by registering in a professional program or a master having the opportunity to pay for your stay in Canada. So, if you want to choose a fitting program and respond to the question, what program can I study in Canada that allows me to work? We recommend to you the best ones below: 

Technical Careers

what to study in canada

Let’s start talking about the different technical careers that we recommend to study in Canada. We are going to talk about each one with precision, explaining what they are about and what their academic value is. 

Areas that stand out

Among the possibilities that exist in technical careers in Canada, we have selected three areas that have great demand in the business field, both in the country and abroad. These areas are: 

Customer Service 

Here we find some programs focused on customer service and distribution systems. You will learn everything you need to work in a customer service position at a company, agency or anywhere else. These programs are a very interesting asset in order to obtain various skills necessary for the modern business world.

In this sense, Algonquin College gives this type of education: 

  • Algonquin College, offers a certification based on the relationships with clients, called “College certificate in Client Relations”.

Digital Marketing and Sales 

The most important role of any company is to sell. If a company doesn’t sell, it cannot generate income and if they don’t generate enough income, it goes bankrupt. This makes careers oriented to Digital Marketing and Sales  to be in high demand nowadays, where the market is always changing and there’s so much competition.

There are some institutions in Canada that offer education related to this field, among which are:

  • ILAC International College, that has a diploma in “Sales & Marketing”. 
  • Algonquin College, it stands out specially because it has several careers and university courses related to marketing and sales on campus like Ottawa, among which are “Advertising and Marketing Communications Management”, “Brand Management”, “Business – Marketing”, “Business Administration – Marketing” or “Marketing Research and Business Intelligence”.
  • Centennial College, it also has some programs that may interest you, both undergraduate and postgraduate. These include “Advertising – Account Management”, “Advertising – Creative and Digital Strategy”, “Advertising – Media Management”, “Advertising and Marketing Communications Management” and a series of complementary university courses such as “Business-Marketing”.
  • George Brown College, has also a “Digital Media Marketing” program. 


If you are interested in tourism, you’re lucky, because this has quite a demand in Canada. The main institutions that offer tourisms careers are:

  • Mohawk College, Tourism diploma.
  • Centennial College, Tourism diploma and advanced diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Administration. 
  • Humber College, Tourism diploma and other related programs.
  • Vancouver Island University, tourism diploma
  • Red River College, Tourism and Hospitality administration diploma. 
  • Thompson Rivers University, tourism diploma. It’s good to highlight that this university offers several bachelor’s degrees as well.
  • George Brown College, it has a tourism and hospitality diploma.
  • Camosun College, tourism and hospitality administration postgraduate.

CO-OP Programs

what to study in canada

An alternative for you to continue your education in Canada are the CO-OP study programs. These are higher education or vocational courses that besides offering the academic and theoretical part, also gives the possibility to the student of working in the study field.

This way, not only you have the academic knowledge but also the training with real experiences.

Areas that stand out

There are two areas that stand out within the CO-OP programs: engineering and health sciences and hospitality. Below we will list some of the most outstanding CO-OPs in these areas.

It should be noted, within the CO-OP programs, that even the Government of Canada has planned places for those students, international or not, who take this type of training program and want to acquire their experience in the public sector.


For engineering we have College offers such as: 

  • Mohawk College has a mechanical engineering technology diploma.
  • George Brown College, tourism and hospitality administration diploma. 
  • Centennial College, software engineering technology diploma. 

Health sciences and Hospitality

For health sciences, there is ILAC International College with a CO-OP program that might interest you:

  • ILAC International College has a diploma in Health Care Administration with the option of 40 weeks of CO-OP. 

University Degrees

what to study in canada

Something well known is that all university careers don’t have the same career opportunities. Many times you have to find a balance between what you like and what is best for you professionally. In this section we are going to talk about those areas where a university education in Canada can open its professional doors for you. 

Areas that stand out

Studying a university career in these areas in Canada, can make a difference in your resume. These types of programs are a great idea to extend your stay en canadian territory at the same time you are complementing your education. 

  •  University of Winnipeg, it offers the students a Bachelor in finance and business administration. 
  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, SAIT has a Bachelor in applied business administration. 

Art and Design

If your passion is moved by art, then you will love the careers oriented to technical or advertisement design (like 3D design). The companies are increasingly demanding services of this kind of professionals and thanks to the internet and technology, there is a massive demand in the global job market. 

The main university programs in the art and seding field that have the most value among international students according to several sources are:

University of Winnipeg, has a Bachelor of Arts in theater and cinema. 

Sheridan College, technical diploma in architecture, design, 2D and 3D drawing. 


What about technology in the world we live in? Today more than ever, the careers technology-oriented are not only driving our process but also are professions in high demand for companies. So, in this section we’ve wanted to give you a list of programs in this field that you can study in Canada and that are highly valued by international students: 

  • LaSalle College Vancouver has a broad variety of programs, where the following stand out: 3D Modeling for Animation & Games, Game Art & Design, Game Programming, Visual & Game Programming, Windsor Career College, Computer Networking & Security, Engineering Design & Drafting Technologist.
  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, SAIT; information technology network systems diploma. 

Postgraduate and Master’s in Canada

When you choose to study a postgraduate or master’s, you add value to your professional profile in a certain field. Here, you will find postgraduate and specialization courses that could make an important difference in your professional career. 

Areas that stand out

Among all the possibilities in higher education that you can choose to study in Canada, we have decided to pick two areas that we consider to have a special outcome in the current professional scene. They would be the following:

Project Management

Project management it’s composed of interdisciplinary studies that teach students to plan and organize the resources of a company or organization, in order to achieve specific objectives following a restricted schedule. 

The main business universities in Canada offer very interesting training in this field, among them are: 

  • University of Winnipeg, applied Project Management, Supply chain management, Marketing Management, Project Management, Advanced Business Management. 
  • Centennial College, Project Management.
  • Humber College, Project Management. 

Information Technology

The technology industry of Canada has 488.000 information technology professionals that work in different fields that go from project management to software development, going through areas such as data analysis and information security. 

In 2017, the number of jobs in technology increased to 11.500 new job positions which makes it one of the fastest growing sectors in Canada. In 2019, the scenario  wasn’t different. 

This makes a lot of institutions offer masters and postgraduates of this kind. Here you have some of them:

  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, SAIT, Cybersecurity for systems control, Data analytics, Information and Security analysis. 
  • Red River College, Information security.
  • Centennial College, Cybersecurity. 


As you can see if you want to extend your stay in Canada while you reinforce your professional profile, you can do it. 

There are a lot of education options for you! Besides, the student visa system and programs like the ones you just read about, allow you to have a part-time job while you are studying. So it’s up to you to decide the program you like or tell us your plans to give you the advice you need. 

If you like this information, don’t hesitate to share with friends on your social media so we can help more students like you, talk soon! 

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