Things to do in Toronto: 5 Activities for International Students

by Basma Ihmaidan
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What to do in Toronto is a frequent question from international students who come to this Canadian city. Taking advantage of free time to visit these unique places is part of the experience of studying in Canada.

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This is one of the best cities in Canada to live and study. That’s why, we have prepared this article for students like you, who love city adventure, exploring new places and enjoying activities. you cannot miss. We want you to know 5 plans to do in Toronto and make the most of this great city.

Before starting, you should know that we have kept in mind that you are an international student. Therefore, we offer you fun activities in Toronto, which will allow you to get to know the city at a low cost. Be sure to enjoy these unique experiences in Canada! 

1. Visit the Distillery District

what to do in toronto

The Distillery District has a unique charm, wrapped in that special atmosphere. This is because the buildings have a very industrial design.

The special name and design of this part of the city are due to the fact that in the past, the Toronto distilleries Gooderham & Worts where they made whiskey, were located here.However, today you will find something different: Restaurants and cafes, shops of all kinds, art and entertainment activities. Besides from being able to take some fantastic photos!

This a pedestrian area, you will be able to walk peacefully among red brick buildings that will make you feel like you were in another era (there are more than 40 of them that are considered national heritage). There is also the possibility of taking guided tours to learn about the history of this district.

2. Eating at the St. Lawrence Market

St Lawrence Market

If you like to do gastronomic tourism, you shouldn’t miss the flavors that you will find in the St. Lawrence Market. It is a farmers market that has existed since the 19th century, where you can try everything from fresh fruits to cheese.

In fact, National Geographic mentioned it in a 2012 report as “the best farmers market in the world.” We will have to go see it, right? 

In addition, there are a large number of restaurants of all styles on the premises, as well as other types of variety stores including clothing and souvenirs.

It’s open from Tuesday to Saturday, so when looking for a good plan in Toronto, keep this place in mind.

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3. Walk through Kensington Market

what to do in toronto

Visiting Kensington Market is another one of those activities that you should consider when wondering what to do in Toronto. It is a very bohemian neighborhood, with trendy shops and murals in many buildings.

Also worthy to highlight is the market known as “Pedestrian Sunday”, which can be visited on the last Sunday of each month between May and October, and where you can find all kinds of artistic activities. An unmissable plan to enjoy your stay in Canada.

4. Live a sports events in Toronto

sports events in Toronto

Toronto is a very interesting city for sports lovers. Here you will find competitions of various sports such as hockey (a very popular sport in Canada), basketball, baseball, etc.

There are large stadiums to attend these events, such as the Rogers Center, the BMO Field or the Aviva Center. Going to these places is indescribable, you can feel the passion for sports in the air and enjoy exciting games in the canadian style.

5. Enjoy a day at Niagara Falls

what to do in toronto

Who hasn’t seen Niagara Falls in the movies? That huge waterfall is spectacular and unique in the world. Would you like to be there in person, at least once in your life? If you are in Toronto, it is the best place in the world to do it, since it is the closest city (yes, closer even than New York).

Be sure to take a trip to this fantastic natural wonder! Find out about organized boat trips to live the experience more closely.


As you can see, Toronto has plenty of tourist and cultural opportunities that you can enjoy and thus add unforgettable experiences to your experience as an international student in Canada.

Although there are many plans in Toronto, these activities that we present to you will help you to get to know the city and its culture better. You will experience the best of living in Canada, from gastronomy around the world to incredible sport events.

Get the most out of this article and … go explore Toronto!

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