Everything you need to know about studying and working in Canada

by Basma Ihmaidan
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For many, taking the opportunity to study and work in Canada it’s just a dream; but for you it won’t be anymore after reading this article. The opportunity of studying and working at the same time in Canada, it’s an alternative that a lot of students from latin countries consider to improve their professional development. 

Why? Simple! Canada is one of the best countries in the world to live and grow in your area. However, it is important that you first learn about how Canada’s study abroad programs work, so that you can focus on your goals.

Canada recognizes the talent and knows very well how to boost. That’s why every year welcomes hundreds of thousands new international students with the purpose of contributing with their growth. 

But, how to know if I can study and work in Canada? In this article we will try to detail everything you need to know to do it and why not, have better opportunities to settle in the long term in a country of such quality.

Study in Canada 

study and work in canada

What do you need to study in Canada? 

The first things you need to keep in mind are the requirements required to get into as a student in Canada. Because it’s not a country in which their protocols can be ignored. So, we suggest to you that from the beginning, do the processes correctly. Follow these steps!   

Valid student visa 

It is true that you can study “some short english courses” with a tourist visa. But, having the tourist visa won’t allow you to access higher education programs that exceed the time of that type of status. If your intention is studying and working… play it safe! Apply for a student visa process. 

Select a program that interests you 

In Canada there are education programs for every type of interest that you can imagine. Majority of people think of studying english, and that’s ok. But we suggest you to think a little further and decide to develop in the professional area of interest. Studying in Canada can make your career stand out worldwide. 

Choose the one you want! Surely you will find an institution that offers you the opportunity to develop in that field. 

Be enrolled at the educational institution

This is very important. Depending on the university career or professional program of your preference, you should find a canadian institution that has it in its academic offer. 

Each institution will ask you a series of requirements that shared these premises:

  • Proof of level of english
  • Proof of financial support to be able to take your program. 

Here is when personalized your study strategy is relevant. Because it faces your real situation with all the other requirements you need. For example, if you don’t have an advanced level of english yet, this is where you should start. 

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Types of courses you can take in Canada

This country has a wide range of professional programs and courses. However, there are 3 categories that we want to highlight as they are preferred by international students.

Bachelor Degree

These are university higher education programs. They consist of an approximate study time between 4 and 6 years (depending on the degree) and are excellent to make your way not only in Canada but the world. 


There are a lot of institutions in Canada that offer you the opportunity to get a professional certification in a period of time of 1 to 3 years depending on the knowledge field. To get a better understanding, a canadian certificate equals a technical education program in Latinamerica. 

Study and CO-OP work programs 

This type of programs are designed for adult students, high school completed, that can prove financial support and english proficiency. They are defined as an educational program where an institution in direct cooperation with one or several companies, offers the opportunity to study a profession and develop it immediately while studying. 

Definitely co-op programs in Canada help you boost your career. To understand this concept, imagine that you get into a College to study a career focused on hospitality, in the second year as part of the program, you are “obligated” to work in a hotel. 

How much does it cost to study in Canada? 

It will depend on the specific program you decide to register. But for you to have an idea, we can say on average would be between 7,000 – 18,000 CAD a year for tuition. 

Why to study in Canada? What does it offer me?

study and work in canada

From our point of view, there are an infinite of reasons for you to study in Canada, to name a few: 

  • Canada has attractive academic offers in every field. Surely, you will find what you are looking for in Canada. 
  • You can work while you study. When you enter a program that allows it, this is a great help. 
  • You have one of the world’s best education systems available. Just imagine the professional and life level that this will bring you in the future.
  • The cities are spectacular. The standard of living is very high, there is multicultural diversity, it’s a bilingual country, safe and with beautiful places to visit. 

Work in Canada

work in canada

If you are here, it’s because besides studying you want to work in Canada. Therefore, it’s important you are very clear about each of the requirements that you must meet for this. 

What do you need to work in Canada?

Be of legal age

It’s a non-negotiable requirement to access a study program that allows you to work. 

Student visa and work permit

Remember that once you’ve found the corresponding canadian entity for these processes, you apply for a student visa and a work permit. The second one is conditioned to the chosen study program. 

On the other hand, you can also access a canadian Post-Graduation work permit, if you are enrolled in university programs in an eligible canadian Public Colleges. This post-graduation work permit allows you to stay and work in the country, after finishing your studies for up to 3 more years. 

Be enrolled in a study program that allows you to study and work

At this point this is fundamental for your visa and work permit get approved. It’s important to remember, that english courses DON’T give you access to work permits in Canada. 

What type of programs allow you to work in Canada?

Technical programs lasting more than 6 months and higher education. Make sure you choose very well the program and institution.

Why work in Canada? 

study and work in canada

This a frequently asked question and has 3 key answers: 

Improve your english proficiency

It’s not the same to have studied english, understand and speak it, than to interact and communicate every day with people who speak english. This is called immersion learning, and working in Canada will quickly ensure that your english skills reach new levels.

Get extra income 

Extra income is always welcome, and it is undoubtedly the main reason why everyone wants to work in Canada while studying. 

Dealing with study expenses it’s a challenge for many international students. Therefore, some initiatives to lessen the economic burden in the long term, through job opportunities are available. This gives the student the chance to develop professionally. 

Be connected with the canadian world!

From our point of view, this is the most powerful reason you must consider to work in Canada. Networking has been and will always be an invaluable asset that enables people to develop in all areas of their lives. 

Be connected! Studying and working in Canada gives you the opportunity to meet new people, make friendships for life and get contacts that might help you in the future. 

Will I get a job in Canada?

Of course. If you are motivated and take advantage of the opportunities that this country offers you, getting a job in Canada will be a goal you’ll achieve in a short amount of time. Keeping  to date your visa and permits will always be the first thing!

Types of work you can apply in Canada

After having your papers in order, the second step will be to assess what type of jobs you can apply for. And in this step it is important that you evaluate an important aspect, your  level of english.

Canada can provide several temporary, casual and formal job offers. However, applying and being a qualified profile for them will depend mainly on your abilities and language skills. In this sense, you could apply for job offers such as: 

  • Kitchen assistant  
  • Chef
  • Bar Staff- Events
  • Nanny
  • Delivery
  • Administrative assistant
  • Sales Associate

Finally, if your study program allows it, as CO-OP programs, you could work with the professio you are preparing for in Canada. Great, don’t you think?


To sum up all this information, it’s important you remember that studying and working in Canada requires following steps and processes. So, if you are not familiar with them, searching information and articles will help to make clear what you need to achieve your goals. Remember that: 

For things to go well, you must start well. Make sure you have all your papers up to date and enter Canada the right way and choose a program that suits what you are looking for and allows you to work. Keep in mind to apply for a student visa. 

Take advantage of the opportunities Canada offers you, to build relationships and develop your professional career. Working in Canada is the dream of many international students, so now that you are already here, don’t miss the opportunity to reach it. Achieve success!

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