Why deciding to study in Canada will open many doors for you. 8 Important points

by Basma Ihmaidan
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If you are in Canada and you want to extend your stay, you should consider several points, and since you are a professional with many aspirations and dreams, you should study in some of the best institutions in the world.

Something very important to keep in mind is that to study in Canada you do not necessarily have to have a university degree from your home country, high school graduates or people who have some formal training and completed some courses or years of a higher education program can study in a Canadian College or University.

Canada is a country that offers multiple academic opportunities and legal benefits for you and your family.

Many are the reasons that attract numerous professionals and international students to this country year after year:

  • Educational programs with a high international reputation.
  • World-renowned universities and colleges.
  • Solid institutions and a law-abiding culture.
  • A stable economy and its cultural variety are just some of the many things to consider.

And of course, can’t leave aside one of the most important aspects for immigrants from all over the world, and it is the excellent quality of life enjoyed by people in Canada.

Modern cities, low crime rates, a protected environment, and friendly communities are determining factors for any person when choosing to immigrate.

1. Improve your quality of life

If you are going to study a course or career in a Canadian educational institution, you can aspire to a better quality of life, since are preparing yourself for a better job and a better salary. The UN has ranked Canada as one of the best 10 countries in the world to live, due to the previously mentioned factors.

The educational, judicial and health system of this country is one of the best in the world. As a professional, you can enjoy the benefits that Canada has to offer.

Canada has universities that are technologically and culturally prepared to host and offer courses, foreign-trained professionals. Private universities seek to maintain a balance when it comes to the mix between international and domestic students, this is a great advantage for students who are deciding to study in Canada.

Your family can have greater chances to achieve their dreams and goals, this country gives you opportunities and comforts as few countries in the world do.

2. Being part of a multicultural society

Approximately 20% (1 in 5 people) of the population of Canada was born outside the country. Canada is home to people from all over the world.

Iit is a country used to receiving immigrants, and no matter where they come from, all have in common the desire for a better quality of life when they arrive in this country.

The low crime rate says a lot about the culture and citizenship of Canadian people, you and your family will feel safe in a country like Canada. Traditionally, the Canadian political parties and government have favoured multiculturalism, from top ministers to regular citizens we all are equal under the law.

If you want to have a clearer picture of the opportunities and jobs in Canada, you can download our Checklist of requirements to work in Canada.

3. Improve your English and/or French level

Since Canada is a bilingual country where people speak English or French depending on the region they are in, having a broad knowledge of each language is essential.

In a world that is increasingly globalized and connected thanks to the internet, being a bilingual professional will open many doors for you, since more people graduate from higher education institutions, thus making the labour market more competitive.

Speaking a second language will make you more competitive and allow you to work in a country like Canada.

As a professional, you apply to one of the many English or French programs that Canada has to offer.

4. Studying in world-class institutions

Canada has the best higher education programs in the world. They are constantly ranked as some of the tops of their class globally. Therefore, its higher education system guarantees that you when you decide to study in Canada, you will get a world-class education.

As a result, the country has enjoyed many technological advances and development in recent years. Canada is a global leader in the computing and tech industries, and the reputation of Canadian companies in such fields assure you that the training given to each professional in their education system is of the best quality.

Educational institutions such as Seneca College, Centennial College, Douglas College, Cornerstone College are one of the many Canadian educational institutions renonwed in this field.

By taking part of one of the academic programs of some of these colleges, you can greatly improve your professional skills and have a better quality of life in Canada.

You may also be interested in IT courses in Canada, the opportunity you were waiting for

5. Get excellent job opportunities upon graduation

It is not a secret that the Canadian economy is one of the most stable and competitive in the world today. Allowing new immigrants have access to better jobs and salaries, this makes this country an excellent option to study and work.

“Most Canadians own their own homes (on average 6 out of 10 people), this is due in part because of the low unemployment and stable economy.”

When you graduate from a university program or course, you can opt for a job in a Canadian company related to your professional field, and enjoy the well-paid salaries for professionals in this country.

6. You can apply to  special permits to extend your stay when you finish your study program

Canada is a country with an immigration policy that welcomes professionals and international students, and there are several permits that can you can apply after you complete a study program.

If you want to extend your stay in this wonderful country, you can apply to a student visa, even if you have a valid student permit.

This permit allows you to study, as well as work a limited number of hours (20 per week) if you are enrolled in a vocational study and work program.

Upon completion of a higher education program in a public institution, you can apply to the PGWP (Post Graduation Work Permit), up to a maximum duration of 3 years, depending on the study program.

7. Spousal work permit for student couples

To be eligible for this special permit, one of the two must be studying a program at a public university or college, it is essential for them to have the opportunity to work in Canada through a work permit.

This permit gives the spouse or partner the legal authority to work in Canada, which is an incredible opportunity keeping in mind how strict the Canadian laws are on this issue.

This is an excellent benefit for couples who want to stay and study in Canada, and a way to help them make an additional income.

8. Allowing your children to enter the Canadian education system

If you have children, they can also study in Canada, if they have between 5 and 18 years of age. Most of the schools of this country can receive and host them and without problems as long as you meet the requirements at the provincial level.

Each child must attend compulsory school, the school year begins in September, they attend classes for 6 hours a day, from Monday to Friday.

There are also host schools, which are institutions that can receive students at any point of the school year.

Everything is designed for the purpose of providing education to these children in the local language (English or French).

In this case, it is necessary that one of the two parents is enrolled in an academic program of a public institution.

Canadá has many benefits

Your decision to live in a country like Canada, learn its language and get skills within their education system to improve your skills the best investment you can make.

At Information Planet we can provide you with articles and other information related to extend your stay in Canada. You can also visit us at our offices in Toronto and Vancouver to get a free meeting.

If you want to know more about how to work and study in Canada, download our Requirements Checklist to work in Canada. Where we summarize everything you should keep in mind in a short list.

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