Working in Toronto: See how to plan your professional Future

by Basma Ihmaidan
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When you find yourself studying in such an amazing place as Toronto, it’s easy to think about whether it would be possible to spend more time in this city and gain work experience.

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We will tell you about how to work in Toronto, and what options you have to plan your professional future in this city. Would you like this dream to come true? Find out everything about it!

You may have asked yourself what are the best paying jobs in Canada? If so, you’ll be interested in learning all about the best jobs in Canada, which could give you an insight into how to make the most of your work permit.

Reasons to plan your professional future working in Toronto

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When you think about finding a job in Canada that allows you to improve your financial situation, Toronto should be one of the main places that you should consider.

There are many reasons  to develop your professional career in this city in Ontario, Here are 4 reasons that would be essential for your professional future.

Toronto is the financial capital of Canada

Toronto is not only one of the biggest cities in Canada, it is also ranked highly in all kinds of rankings, such as that of FDI Intelligence, where it is recognized as one of the cities with the most entrepreneurship.

Toronto has a large number of companies, and those companies are growing year after year, expanding their staff and creating new jobs. Therefore, it will be much easier for you to work in Toronto than in other Canadian cities.

Offers a dynamic work ecosystem

The Global Start-up Ecosystem Report 2017 ranked Toronto as the 16th best startup ecosystem in the world. Furthermore, it holds the second place internationally in the number of new companies opened per year.

An estimated 2,100 to 2,700 new companies open each year in this city due to engineering talent, business culture, the affordable rental market, and global customer base. How many of those companies do you think may be looking for a person with your skills? Probably quite a few of them.

Allows dozens of applicants access to job fairs

A large number of companies are looking to expand in Toronto, making it one of the places where more job fairs are held each year.

Specifically, these fairs bring together companies, public bodies, educational institutions and other employment agents to connect with people like you. This is one more resource that will make it easier for you to find a job in Canada.


A city with great multicultural talent

More than 200,000 latin people live in Toronto, making this city home to the largest Spanish-speaking community in the country. Therefore, as an international student, it will be easier for you to fit in a city like Toronto. We are going to talk a little more about this later on.

Do I have a chance to find a job in Toronto? Being an international student

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keeping it brief and to the point, the answer is yes. Besides the reasons we have already given to you, it should be noted that in Toronto there are many alternatives for international students like you to easily find employment.

For instance, regardless of your experience or studies, just by having an intermediate level of English you can easily access a job in sectors such as hotels or commerce.

Furthermore, to get an idea of ​​the large amount of jobs available in Toronto,take a look of Internet portals such as: Craiglist, Kijiji, Workopolis or Indeed, where you will find offers of all professional levels.

How can we help you at Information Planet?

working in toronto

The most important thing to know is you are not alone in this path. Trust the experts to help you!

Information Planet can help you in all this process for free, since we are a global study abroad agency that helps international professionals and students in Canada and who, like you, seek to grow in their jobs in this country. We can help you through:

Academic and career guidance in Canada

We support you in order to get into academic programs that give you access to a work permit, and can have work experience. On the other hand, you will improve your professional profile to access better offers.

As well, we advise you in order to find a job and chart the path towards your goals.

Trade fairs and seminars

We organize events and activities where you will learn from how to write your resume to how to prepare for an interview.

Also, we have partners who consider our students for many job offers in Canada.

Visa and immigration advice

If you want to extend your student visa or start the path to apply for permanent residence in Canada, we can provide you with all the information according to your particular case.

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As you can see, working in Toronto has many advantages, such as the fact that it is the economic capital of the country, its dynamic labor ecosystem, its multiple job fairs and its great multiculturalism.

We have also discussed your chances of finding a job in Toronto as an international student, and how Information Planet can help you to do so.

All you need to do is take action. The best time to do it is now! Get in touch with us, and we’ll start helping you right away.

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